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PRIME Starter Kit

Looking to get your damaged hair back to healthy? It’s all here. The AQUIS Prime Routine Starter Kit uses four steps to protect your hair when it’s wet, while it’s drying, and then throughout your day. This is the only hair care system for strong, healthy, frizz-free hair that also keeps your color looking vibrant, longer.

Water Defense PreWash™ - 3.4 fl oz 
Rebalancing Hair Wash - 2 fl oz 
Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel
Restorative Leave-In Conditioning Serum - 2 fl oz 

Color Safe

90-Day Guarantee


The AQUIS Prime Routine includes four products that prepare your hair for getting wet, protect it during showers, dry hair 50% faster, and lock in healthy hydration and protection throughout your day. Reduce frizz, tangles, and breakage and enjoy hair that holds color and styles easier than ever.

AQUIS believes in working with the biology of your hair, from the moment you step into the shower and everything that comes after.

We know you spend so much time and money on salon appointments and color experiments – we want to make sure you have hair that’s the healthiest it can be.

Your best hair days await.

Prime Starter Kit

See It In Action

Before Treatment


Before Treatment



Microscopic GIF of Damaged Hair Strands
Each strand of hair has a cuticle, an outer later that is delicate to water and heat. When you wash your hair, each strand’s cuticle raises and expands, which often leads to swelling known as hygral fatigue, damage, and faded color. Bleach and hair treatments also can affect your hair cuticle layer and its porosity, which is why this type of hair is in danger of the most damage over time.
By balancing your hair’s natural pH levels before stepping into the shower, your hair has time to close its cuticles to repel excess water and avoid damage to even the most bleached or color treated hair.
Why pH is Important
Why Use the Prime System
The AQUIS Prime Routine works to protect bleached, colored hair during your routine and throughout your day. By setting and maintaining ideal pH levels, the outer layers of hair strands close and stay smooth and strong.

After showers, you stay gentle during drying to protect the structure of hair strands. At the end of your routine, locking in hydration keeps hair strands nourished, but closed and strong, to combat humidity and avoid frizz, tangles, and breakage, and to keep your color looking vibrant, longer.


Step 1 - Water Defense PreWash™
Step 1
Apply the Water Defense PreWash™ before you shower to set the ideal pH balance of your hair, keeping the outer layer of hair strands closed and protected against water.

Too much water can do real harm to your hair, stretching and swelling each strand. Our PreWash™ keeps the outer layer of hair strands smooth and closed, keeping water out and maintaining shape and structure during showers.
Step 2
Wash your hair with Rebalancing Hair Wash to maintain pH balance while cleaning and keep hair strands protected against water.

Our hair wash uses a gentle, non-stripping formula that cleans thoroughly, while also maintaining pH balance and supporting strength in every strand of hair.
Step 2 - Rebalancing Hair Wash
Step 3 - Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban
Step 3
After your shower, put on your Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban to take your hair from wet to damp without damaging your hair strands.

Our turbans are a breakthrough process for drying hair that works 50% faster than other methods. Frizz-free, soft, and smooth – in half the time.
Step 4
When you hair is damp or drier, apply the Restorative Leave-In Conditioning Serum to fight humidity and protect the shape and structure of your hair throughout the day.

Our serum seals moisture in your hair and maintains optimal pH balance throughout your busy day. Apply on damp hair for all-day protection that keeps your hair light, and damage free.
Step 4 - Restorative Leave-In Conditioning Serum