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This is not just a towel. It's a must-have beauty tool engineered to quickly get your hair from wet to damp without heat, when every minute matters to your hair's health. AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans are engineered to correctly dry your hair. AQUIS not only saves you time, it also protects your hair from friction damage caused by bath towels and substantial heat damage caused by blow dryers when hair is wet and in its most weakened and vulnerable state. With AQUIS, you will notice:
- Less frizz
- Less breakage
- Longer-lasting hair color
- More manageable hair
- Improved texture that's smoother and shinier
Many years back, our founder Britta Cox set out to make a superior product that would contribute positively to people’s lives. She loved her San Francisco roots and her natural, effortless style. Between the horses and working in the sports industry, Britta had very little time to wait for her hair to dry or take time to style it through the never ending cycle of damage caused by hair dryers, products, and styling tools. "Wash and Wear Hair" led to the idea of AQUIS.
Until now, AQUIS has grown solely by word of mouth from people sharing their transformational stories of healthy and beautiful hair and has sold millions of Hair Towels and Turbans worldwide. AQUIS is for anyone who seeks a simpler and better way to treat their hair. At AQUIS, we want to help you put your best foot forward and love how you look today. We champion those who define beauty on their own terms and embrace the beauty of confidence.
Aquitex technology is the secret to how AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans work. It’s an innovative lightweight drying system made from ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk. They are uniquely woven to create channels that quickly wick water away from hair without snagging cuticles or causing friction. The absorbed water is efficiently distributed across the towel, while continuing to dry hair at the point of contact. This helps minimize the swelling and stretching of hair, protecting its integrity. The result is stronger, healthier hair.
AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans are engineered to dry your hair to a damp state (70-80% dry) quickly and evenly without heat or friction. Once hair is evenly damp, it starts regaining its strength and is in better condition to withstand the stress of heat and styling. AQUIS is made with Aquitex technology, an innovative, lightweight drying system consisting of ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk. They are uniquely woven to create channels that quickly wick water away from hair without snagging cuticles or causing friction. The absorbed water is efficiently distributed across the towel, while continuing to dry hair at the point of contact. This helps minimize the swelling and stretching of hair, protecting its integrity. The result is stronger, healthier hair.
The cost of this towel is a priceless investment to protect the integrity of your hair. How you dry your hair is the most important step in maintaining optimal hair health. Making AQUIS part of your hair care routine is the key to stronger and healthier hair.
Blow dryers were designed to style damp hair, not to dry wet hair. Use of blow dryers to rapidly dry wet hair leads to substantial cuticle damage. (Friendly reminder: Hair loses 57% of its strength when it is wet making it more prone to damage from friction and heat!) You should always avoid using a blow dryer on wet hair. Instead, you want to first use AQUIS to dry your hair quickly to a damp stage (that is when hair starts regaining its strength), after which you can leave it to air dry or use heat to style it.
We have tested several natural fibers: high quality cotton, bamboo, wood pulp, amongst others. Each time we found the natural fibers were sub-optimal in our core objective of performance wicking characteristics that are key to the core functionality of our products. We will continue to do our research and seek the possibility of using natural fibers, yarns, or blends as long as it does not compromise our core objective – engineering products for stronger and healthier hair.
Even the plushest towels have a threshold for how much water they can absorb and Turkish towels are no exception. Once your Turkish towel has reached its threshold, it becomes heavy, pulls down on your hair, and causes breakage. A generic microfiber towel was designed to efficiently clean dirt off of surfaces. By simply being super absorbent and cutting them to the size of a towel for hair, it does not make them a hair towel. The microfiber towels have terry loops that create large surfaces to grab dirt particles with an electric charge that allows the microfiber to hold on to these particles. The charge breaks when the microfiber is dipped in water and it releases the dirt. While this works great for dirt, the same structure and electrical charge also grabs the swollen hair cuticle when hair is wet. Hair cuticles thus get damaged and broken by generic microfiber towels while they may dry hair a little quicker.
AQUIS, on the other hand, has been specially engineered to dry hair quickly and correctly. Its innovative, lightweight drying system is made from ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk. They are uniquely woven to create channels that quickly wick water away from hair without snagging cuticles or causing friction. The absorbed water is efficiently distributed across the towel, while continuing to dry hair at the point of contact. This helps minimize the swelling and stretching of hair, protecting its integrity. The result is stronger, healthier hair.

PRIME System

Yes, lightly. All the Prime products have a subtle, fresh orange scent and the formulations dermatologically tested to be hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
The packaging of the Prime collection is recyclable, including the bag the Starter Kit comes in and the AQUIS turban bags. You can consider the orange tie on the bag is a free gift—it doubles as a silicon hair tie. Aquitex (the fabric our towels and turbans are made of) doesn’t release microplastics into our water systems, meaning no pollution to our oceans. And the dyes used on the towels and turbans are non-toxic.
The Prime products have been extensively tested by us and through a third party for safety and efficacy. They are formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and are allergist and dermatologist tested and gluten-free. All our Prime products have Health Canada certification. We are very proud that our products have gained the Clean at Sephora seal. Our Rebalancing hair wash has also received USDA Bio-Preferred certification. The Hair towels and turbans comply with the EU REACH certification which is probably the most stringent certification for textile products anywhere in the globe.
Our shampoo has been tested to be non-irritating to eyes and has been dermatologist and allergy tested. That being said, the formulas have not been reviewed or tested by a pediatrician, nor has it undergone the extensive safety testing that most products formulated for children undergo.
Hair has an ideal pH of 4.5-5.5 where it looks and feels healthy (shiny, hydrated, smooth, manageable). Many factors cause the pH to change, including certain shampoos and other hair products, styling habits, chemical treatments, and environmental factors. That’s why it’s important to restore your hair to its ideal balance as much as possible.
Your hair’s pH can go out of balance if you use other products that are not formulated to restore your hair to its ideal pH.
Hair has a natural biome just like our skin and bodies. The biome is meant to protect our hair from Hygral Fatigue and environmental damage (not from man-made damage). As our biome layer gets disrupted with the use of chemicals and alkaline surfactants, hair turns vulnerable to the risks of Hygral Fatigue and other environmental damage. But when your biome is holistically supported, a host of hair and scalp symptoms simply no longer exist – from split ends and frizz to more serious immunological responses. The more you look after and protect your hair biome, the healthier your hair will be.
You’ll get the best results by using the entire system together exclusively. The results of the products will last as long as you are using them. If you stop using them and/or begin incorporating other products, pH can be out of balance and cuticle disruption can occur, which sets off your bad hair day symptoms

PRIME - Water Defense PreWash

No, you can use PreWash on hair that has a product in it, even dry shampoo. If you use a lot of styling products, we do recommend using a clarifying shampoo every few washes to remove product build up. Over time using our system, you will find that you need less styling products overall.
PreWash protects the hair from water damage by: 1) Helping to make it more hydrophobic (water repellant) due to coconut oil’s penetration into the hair strand 2) pH-balancing hair to keep cuticles closed, which helps to mitigate water absorption into the hair and reduce the incidence of Hygral Fatigue during washing (which in turn reduces tangles and frizz during combing and styling)
We recommend leaving it on for at least two minutes to allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the hair. Longer is better. PreWash can even be left on overnight.
No, simply spray it on your hair and use your fingers to ensure it is distributed evenly.
PreWash should be used on your entire head of hair. Spraying extra onto dry or damaged areas will help further prevent damage on the more damage prone areas of your hair.
Yes, it helps to use it before swimming, surfing and other times you get into water. It will be less effective though if your hair is submerged in water for long periods of time.
PreWash will still help to lessen the effects of Hygral Fatigue if used with other shampoos and conditioners. However, the combined effect of using the entire system is the best way to see a significant improvement in the health of your hair.
You do not need to rinse PreWash out before you shampoo. You will wet your hair right before you apply shampoo, and some of the PreWash may rinse out, but it will be a very minimal amount. Shampoo your hair as you normally do, just wait to get it wet until the end of your shower.
PreWash is supposed to be used on dry hair.
The concept of a Co-Wash is very different than the AQUIS Prime system concept, which is about preventing Hygral Fatigue (water damage). Using any conditioners on wet hair may make it feel nice and smooth on the outside, but inside the hair continues to stay wet and therefore swell and stretch, which does not help it to be healthy and strong long-term. Also, Co-Wash and conditioner particles alike deposit unevenly on the hair depending upon the extent of hair damage, so it effects hair manage-ability and style-ability after you have dried it. Your hair experiences less Hygral Fatigue when you start with the Prime Water Defense PreWash and follow it with the Prime Rebalancing Shampoo, our towels or turbans, and Prime Restorative Leave-In.
Enough to evenly saturate all your hair.
Yes, you should evenly saturate your hair.
Getting hair wet is unavoidable. But the hair shaft stretches and swells when it gets wet, and that makes it weaker and more subject to breaking (just like your nails). AQUIS products are designed to take special care of your hair in the vulnerable and compromised state it’s in when wet.
Moisture refers to oils and lipids, which are different from water. Your hair needs a balanced moisture level to look and feel healthy. This natural moisture is often depleted which makes hair feel dry and brittle. Water, on the other hand, causes swelling and stress on hair which makes it look and feel less healthy.


Yes, our shampoo works best when used on wet hair. Water helps distribute the shampoo throughout the hair and aids in the rinsing out of dirt, excess oil, and impurities.
Yes, our shampoo is safe for color treated hair. Because it’s pH balanced and sulfate-free, it helps to prevent color fade
Our shampoo has been tested to be non-irritating to eyes and has been dermatologist and allergy tested. That being said, the formula has not been reviewed or tested by a pediatrician, nor has it undergone the extensive safety testing that most shampoos formulated for children undergo.
It rebalances the pH and the moisture levels of the hair.
Healthy hair has a pH of 4.5-5.5. Our Hair Wash is formulated to be a pH of around 5, so it helps to rebalance hair to its ideal pH.
Yes, that is why we recommend using the AQUIS system, since all products are formulated to hair’s ideal pH.
PreWash fortifies hair from the inside out in order to protect it. It is not a coating that completely blocks water or other products from the hair. Our Hair Wash is able to effectively and gently cleanse hair that has been pre-treated with PreWash.
Cleansing agents in shampoos are called surfactants. The surfactants that AQUIS uses are gentle, plant derived surfactants. They do not need to foam a lot in order to effectively lift off oil and dirt. You will know that its cleaning your hair because your hair will look and feel clean, without feeling stripped and dry.


This varies according to hair type, texture and length and should lessen overtime using our system. Start with 10-12 sprays and increase from there if needed. Only use as much as you need to balance your moisture levels—don’t overdo it.
You hair has enough Leave-In on it when it combs out easily and feels soft and smooth.
The Leave-In is formulated with an ingredient that helps filter UV rays, but it is not a sunscreen and we have not tested the formula for sun protection.
No, the Leave-In does not offer hold. We have found in our extensive testing, that continued use of the system leads to less of a need for styling products with hold.
Yes, Leave-In can be applied as a touch up product.
Products meant to “hydrate” the hair are often heavy products that coat the hair. This is one of the culprits in the cycle of Hygral Fatigue. We recommend waiting a period of 3-4 weeks before adding additional products. We have found in our extensive user-group studies, that once you break your hair’s “addiction” to heavy hydrators, your hair stops feeling dry and the Leave-In becomes more than enough hydration. If you must add another product, look for a lightweight hydrator with a clean formula and use it sparingly—only where needed.
It’s up to you. A gentle comb-through with a wide tooth comb before or after Prewash is fine. You can also wait until the Leave-In step.
The Leave-In contains some ingredients that help with heat protection. We recommend using a separate product specifically for heat protection if you use a blowdryer or heat styler often.
Apply Leave-In after taking off your AQUIS towel/turban, before you use a blow dryer. You can add a light spray or two after drying if you would like.
Leave-In is a very lightweight conditioner. Used correctly, it will not make your hair look greasy.
We do not recommend using an in-shower conditioner. Conditioning hair when it is wet causes Hygral Fatigue and leads to many of the bad hair day issues that our system solves.

Hair Drying Truths

How you dry your hair has the greatest impact on the health and strength of your hair when it’s at its most vulnerable state: wet. The longer your hair stays wet, the more susceptible to damage it becomes as it undergoes a change of chemistry. Your hair contains keratin, a protein that gives your hair its strength. When hair is wet, keratin absorbs water causing the hair to swell and stretch. This swelling pushes the cuticles open. Open cuticles get tangled to the point of breakage by rubbing against each other--even if you don’t rub your hair. Quickly getting your hair from a wet to damp state is the key to containing the swelling and stretching. Every minute matters! Once your hair is damp, it starts regaining its strength so it can better withstand the stress of heat and styling. AQUIS helps you accomplish this correctly and efficiently.
Using a heavy towel means more hair breakage. Bath towels have poor absorbency and extremely harsh fibers. Even the plushest bath towels have a threshold for how much water they can absorb. Once your bath towel has reached its threshold, it becomes heavy, pulls down on your hair, and causes breakage to your wet, vulnerable hair. If you look closely at your bath towel, you will notice tiny loops and hooks that can snag on open hair cuticles and cause frizz. This damage can be exacerbated further if you rub the towel against your hair.
T-shirts are a slight improvement from bath towels but they still fall short. Although not as abrasive as cotton bath towels, t-shirts are equally as inefficient at holding water. Quickly wicking water away from your hair and getting it from wet to damp, without heat, is key to preserving your hair’s health and integrity.
While air-drying spares your hair from heat; hair can still be damaged by the swelling and stretching that happens to your hair the longer it stays wet. See FAQ #1 above and why it’s important to quickly get your wet hair to a damp state without heat before continuing to let it air dry.
Blow dryers were never designed to dry wet hair. Rapid drying of wet hair leads to cuticle damage and "bubble hair", which is basically the same as boiling your hair. Additionally, it leads to the production of more sebum (naturally occurring hair oil) causing you to wash and dry your hair more frequently. Using any type of heat on wet, soggy hair damages the cortex. Hair should be at a damp state (70-80% dry) before using a blow dryer. NOTE: Your hair should be fully dry before using a straightening iron.
As with everything, there is more information available today than ever before. This includes the science of proper hair care. We now know that how you dry your hair is the most important step in your hair care routine--one that is often overlooked. Because hair is most vulnerable when wet, getting hair to a damp stage quickly, without heat or friction, is critical to preserving the integrity of your hair. AQUIS is the solution. Its unique AQUITEX technology consists of ultra-fine fibers that are smoother than silk and uniquely woven to create channels that quickly wick water away 5x faster than cotton towels without snagging cuticles or causing friction.

Specific Hair Needs

The Lisse fabric is a flat and smooth surface weave which allows all of your curly hair contact with the fabric so that every turn of the curl, the slightly raised cuticles have contact with the towel and are dried quickly without damaging the fragile cortex of your curly hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you’ll want to choose either the regular Hair Towel or the Long Hair Towel.
For thick hair, we recommend our Waffle Turban or Waffle Hair Towel. If your hair is longer, check out our Waffle Long Hair Towel. Our Waffle series was engineered to be ultra-absorbent even for the thickest hair as the raised Waffle pattern offers a little more fabric and thus absorbtion for drying.
Absolutely! For long hair we recommend our Turbans or Long Hair Towels. We designed our Turbans to fit all hair lengths. The elastic tapered seams allow for a flexible fit and the button closure ensures a secure hold. Our Long Hair Towels are almost 10 inches longer than our standard Hair Towels for complete coverage, and hands-free hair drying.
Your hair cuticles are the gatekeepers to your hair color—they’re what keep the dyes in place. Color loss occurs when cuticles are roughed up or broken. Using AQUIS’ gentle fibers to dry your hair helps prevent your cuticles from opening up or breaking during washes: your color is protected into the cortex and will not fade as much, wash after wash.
When your hair cuticles are damaged and broken, your hair will have a "dull" look. When your hair cuticles are strong and healthy and lying as flat as possible on your hair strand, light reflects more evenly giving it a shiny healthy look.
When hair is healthy and strong, it styles better! More importantly, with AQUIS, hair dries quickly and evenly and without heat. When hair dries evenly, there are fewer wet patches that are vulnerable to damage when using styling tools. Hair products also distribute more evenly on a smooth cuticle surface so you use less product and less heat to style effortlessly.
In two separate independent studies comprised of 107 participants each, 9 out of 10 women reported that they noticed less frizz after using AQUIS regularly over 21 days and that they noticed an improvement in the texture of their hair after 1 week. This incredible outcome is a result of our unique weave and texture that allows for super quick water absorption & wicking without FRICTION. Your hair cuticles are left unstressed during drying, giving you magnificently smooth hair.
Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for damaged hair. Once the cuticles have been damaged, the best thing you can do is prevent further damage. However, gentle, efficient drying with your AQUIS product will help preserve your hair’s structure and reduce further degradation. As your new hair grows, get into the habit of drying it properly with AQUIS to protect its natural integrity from damage before it starts.
Damaged hair needs extra love and care. As we mention above, there is no magic wand that can fix damaged hair so the best thing you can do is prevent further damage to new hair growth while you wait for the damaged strands to grow out. To allow your hair to return to a healthy state, gently dry your hair with your AQUIS product to minimize damage to new growth hair and visit your favorite stylist at least every 6-8 weeks to trim any split or damaged ends.
The longer your hair stays wet, the more vulnerable it becomes. Wet hair stretches and swells leading to cuticle lift, erosion and fibre fracture that over time, leads to thinning hair. It’s imperative to wick away moisture as quickly as possible to keep hair healthy. The more chemicals and heat styling tools you use, the more damage there is to cuticles and the higher the risk of hair thinning and overall damage to the hair. If your hair is already thinning, we recommend the Lisse Hair Towel or Turban as it’s smooth and gentle enough to be used on very fine, delicate hair.
Thicker hair has more protective cuticle layers than thin hair, offering more protection to the cortex. Fine hair has fewer protective cuticle layers and therefore is more vulnerable to damage and hair thinning.
Hair has a dark secret - the keratin at the core of every strand has a terrible thirst – akin to a drinking problem. Just like you notice subtle behavioral changes after a drink or two, which only become compounded as you drink more, the same is true with hair. When hair stays wet for more than a few minutes, it undergoes a change in chemistry causing it to swell and stretch, sometimes to the point of breakage. The longer the hair stays wet the more it swells and the more the cuticles raise and open up. Even if you don’t rub your hair, the raised cuticles rub against one another causing damage and tangling the hair. Water soluble minerals like calcium, magnesium, silica, and chlorine, can reach the inner cortex of your hair and damage hair from within. Calcium travels to the roots, clogging the follicle, and preventing new hair from growing in. Magnesium makes hair feel heavy and weighed down. Chlorine weakens the hair and makes it brittle. You therefore want to dry your hair quickly, not just to save time BUT to prevent the hair from swelling and damaging its cuticles and to keep water and minerals from penetrating your hair.

Product Help

Towel: After wrapping your hair up in the towel make sure to tuck the end of the towel into itself at the nape of the neck to ensure it stays put.
Turban: It is possible that you are not fastening it properly or are not twisting the turban enough times. If you find that you are still experiencing difficulties, feel free to reach out to us at hello@aquis.com. We’d love to troubleshoot with you!
AQUIS Hair Towels & Turbans were designed to transition your hair from a wet state to a damp state as quickly as possible. You don’t want to dry your hair completely with AQUIS as that can actually cause your hair to frizz. Though you do not want to use AQUIS to dry your hair completely, your blow drying time will be cut in half.
When using your AQUIS product, do not rub your hair with it or leave it on for too long – see above! Rubbing your hair causes friction and aggravates your hair cuticles. This will make your hair appear frizzy. Instead, use your AQUIS product to gently squeeze or wrap your hair. Drying time with your AQUIS product varies depending on your hair type. If you have curly hair, you may have to remove your AQUIS product sooner than someone with straight hair. A good rule of thumb is to take off your AQUIS product when it feels soaking wet to the touch—experiment and see what works for you. If your hair is still feeling frizzy, take a look at these additional measures and see if they are applicable to you:
- Avoid using sprays or serums. These products attract moisture to the hair shaft and can often cause more frizz.
- Make sure your hair is completely dry before stepping out into humid or foggy weather.
- If you suffer from damaged hair, you will have to wait for the damaged strands to grow out before you see a reduction in frizz. To allow your hair to return to a healthy state, gently dry your hair with your AQUIS product to minimize damage to new growth hair and visit your favorite stylist at least every 6-8 weeks to trim any split or damaged ends.
How long you leave your Hair Towel or Turban on is more an art than a science as it really depends on the texture of your hair and your desired result. Those with curly hair have found they leave the towel on for a shorter amount of time so they can apply product to their hair while it’s damp and then air-dry for bouncy curls. Those with straighter hair tend to leave the towel on a little longer and then either style with a hair dryer or let hair air dry for beachy waves. We recommend experimenting to figure out what works for you. A good rule of thumb is to remove the Hair Towel or Turban when hair feels damp to the touch.
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Product Use & Care

AQUIS textiles have ultra-fine fiber channels for enhanced wicking, these channels are very sensitive to odor, chemicals, heat and lint from other fabrics. Follow these care instructions for best results.
- Wash before first use. Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle using a minimal amount of liquid detergent (use only non-chlorine bleach if needed).
- Do not use powder detergents, fabric softeners, or detergents that contain phenol derivatives, borax, sodium chloride, or anti-foaming agents.
- Use mild liquid detergent like Method.
- Dry immediately after washing on low heat or air dry.
- Avoid washing your AQUIS product with other fabrics that may contain chemicals or impart odors.
- Hang-dry your AQUIS product immediately after each use.
After washing, gently squeeze excess water from hair and lean forward so your hair gently falls towards the floor.

TOWEL: Place the towel at the nape of your neck and making sure ends of towel are even. Twist 3 to 4 times assuring all your hair remains in the towel, flip the towel back towards nape of your neck and tuck the ends under the towel.

TURBAN: Place the button part of turban at the nape of the your neck and twist as needed for desired fit. Flip turban back & fasten the loop around the button for secured fit.

Leave your towel or turban on until hair feels damp to the touch for hands-free, friction-free hair drying.
The time may vary based on your hair type and the damage to your hair, but some notice results in just 3 weeks when using their AQUIS product properly.
Our Lisse fabric is a completely flat and smooth surface weave. This weave is perfect for curlier hair as hair has more contact with the fabric. At every turn of the curl, the slightly raised cuticles have contact with the towel and are dried quickly without damaging the fragile cortex of your curly hair. Our Waffle Collection was engineered to be ultra-absorbent, even for the thickest hair, as the raised Waffle pattern offers more fabric for absorption and drying.

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