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All AQUIS hair-drying tools are powered by our proprietary AQUITEX™ hairtech + recycled water bottles so you can embrace the planet and healthier hair while you dry. THE FLIP is uniquely powered by COPPERSURE™ antimicrobial technology to break down bacteria and keep it fresher, longer. Here’s the breakdown:

THE WRAP + TOWEL are made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% nylon.

THE FLIP is made of 70% recycled polyester, 25% nylon, and 5% copper.
AQUIS hair-drying tools are powered by our proprietary AQUITEX™ hairtech, which is clinically proven to leave hair up to 5x stronger than traditional drying methods*. The uniquely woven channels quickly and gently move water away from the hair, allowing for the speedy reforming of hydrogen bonds broken when hair is wet—leaving hair less vulnerable to additional damage. The result is stronger, healthier hair.

*Results observed in a scientific study on 8x bleached hair after 8 cycles of washing + drying. Results may vary with hair condition and frequency of washing.
Engineered to work with the biology of hair, The AQUIS FLIP, TOWEL, AND WRAP deliver superior hair health across all hair types, needs, and routines.
  • THE FLIP’s luxe fabric + functional design delivers maximum drying contact, ultimate comfort, and flexible use for every routine. Plus, COPPERSURE™ antimicrobial technology breaks down bacteria to keep THE FLIP fresher, longer in humid environments.
  • THE TOWEL is engineered with our largest surface area to deliver even drying for longer hair and/or curly routines. This lightweight and functional hair-drying tool can be wrapped or used for targeted drying and plopping.
  • THE WRAP’s lightweight and compact design features our signature wrap shape and button-loop closure for an effortless routine. The comfortable, budge-free drying easily secures shorter hair lengths.
  • The newest innovation from AQUIS was engineered to deliver maximum drying contact, ultimate comfort, and flexible use for every routine. Powered by our proprietary AQUITEX™ hairtech, THE FLIP also features COPPERSURE™ antimicrobial technology to break down bacteria, keeping THE FLIP fresher, longer in humid environments. The optimized FLIP design features luxe fabric and functional design with an easy elastic AQUIS band for comfortable, budge-free drying. Conscious fabric design is powered by recycled water bottles, so you can embrace the planet and healthier hair while you dry.
    THE TOWEL is engineered with our largest surface area to deliver even drying for all hair types and routines. This lightweight and functional hair-drying tool can be easily customized for your drying preference. Just flip hair over, twist the length of THE TOWEL around all your hair, and tuck for secure drying. Or, use it flat for targeted drying and curly routines.
    Like any tool, optimal care of your AQUIS will keep it at peak performance during your routine. Here are tips to preserve your hair-drying tool’s performance:
  • Hang dry your AQUIS immediately after each use + right after washing (can also dry with low heat)
  • When you’re ready to wash, machine wash in warm water, on gentle, using minimal liquid detergent
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach, powder detergents, or fabric softener to preserve AQUIS hairtech

    Hair is weakest when wet, leaving it vulnerable to breakage and damage. Getting hair wet is inevitable when washing, but wicking water away as quickly + gently as possible can allow for rapid hydrogen bond reforming + renewed keratin structure. This leaves hair less vulnerable to additional damage, resulting in stronger, healthier hair overall.
    Moisture refers to naturally-occurring sebum that coats the scalp and hair. When sebum levels are depleted, hair looks + feels dry and dull. The water you wash with is not moisture, this weakens hair, leaving it vulnerable to additional damage. By quickly + gently wicking water away, keratin structure is renewed for visibly healthier hair, faster.
    How you dry your hair matters, especially when it’s in a weak, wet state. Since hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet, getting hair to a damp stage quickly, without heat or friction, is key to preserving the integrity of your hair. Unlike traditional drying methods like rough towels or blow-dryers, our proprietary AQUITEX™ hairtech gently + quickly wicks water away from hair without heat or friction. This allows for rapid reforming of hydrogen bonds broken when hair is wet, renewing keratin structure and overall hair strength.
    Using the AQUIS hair-drying tool on hair with styling product can coat the fibers and compromise the hairtech’s performance. To preserve your tool, we recommend only using it on clean hair, or washing it soon after styling product interacts with the tool.
    Leaving your AQUIS hair-drying tool on overnight can leave your hair damp, and vulnerable to breakage for a longer time than recommended. For best results, remove your tool once hair feels damp, then air dry or style as usual.
    To get your hair to a damp state as quickly as possible, leave your AQUIS hair-drying tool on until hair feels damp to the touch. How long you leave it on depends on your hair length, density, and your drying preference. If wrapping, we’ve seen that thinner, shorter hair dries in about 5-10 minutes, and thicker, longer hair dries in about 10-20 minutes.


    Here’s where you can find AQUIS in the US + internationally:

    Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Dermstore, Revolve, Violet Grey, Goop, Tmall, Mecca.

    Amazon, Target, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Look Fantastic, Tmall.
    For retailers interested in carrying AQUIS, please contact us at hello@aquis.com.
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