The Ins & Outs Of Hair

Hair strands, made of keratin, have an innie and an outie- on the inside, is the cortex. On the outside, are the cuticles – which protect the fragility of the cortex from water, heat, and environmental stressors.

When keratin absorbs water, it causes hair to stretch and swell putting it at risk for damage, also known as Hygral Fatigue. Nature provided ways to protect this with a natural biome layer which protects it from water exposure. Our current hair care routine and products disrupt and work against our hair’s intrinsic structure.

AQUIS Prime breaks this cycle.


Too much water makes your hair tired, weak, and prone to breakage

Prime Water Defense PreWash Spray, packed with amino acids, keeps strands from getting waterlogged and protects from the inside out. 

Aquis prime breaks that damage cycle from wash to wear

Rebalancing Hair Wash gently removes dirt, oil and other impurities, leaving hair clean and refreshed while maintaining ideal moisture balance.  

It's simple: less water + faster drying = Stronger hair

Rapid Dry Hair Turbans wick away moisture 50% faster than regular towels, and your hair won’t snag on them.

Close to 90% of women agree AQUIS Prime makes their hair more healthy, shiny, and hydrated

Restorative Leave-In Conditioner is used on damp hair, providing lightweight hydration and detangling without weighing hair down. It also restores hair to its natural pH.