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For 30+ years, we’ve engineered tools that harness the relationship between your hair and water. With this unique understanding of your hair’s biology, our proprietary hairtech revolutionizes all hair types & routines with healthier hair drying. 

Keep reading to see how our innovative hairtech delivers superior hair health, no matter your drying preference.


Ever notice how you lose a few (or more) hair strands every time you wash it? That can be from hydrogen bonds breaking inside your hair when it gets wet. So every time you step into the shower, you’re getting ready to weaken it & leave it susceptible to damage and breakage. Traditional drying methods like rough towels and blow-dryers cause mechanical & heat damage on already weak, wet hair.

Our hair-drying tools are engineered with your hair’s biology in mind to protect hair strength. Patented AQUITEX™ hairtech features uniquely woven channels to quickly and gently wick water away from your hair, reducing the amount of time it stays in this weak, wet state. This allows for rapid reforming of those broken hydrogen bonds, restoring your hair’s strength, resilience, and preserving its structural integrity for stronger hair, nothing added.

The result—reduced frizz, increased shine, and up to 5x stronger hair than traditional drying methods*.


Meet the AQUIS FLIP, our newest innovation featuring both AQUITEX™and COPPERSURE™ antimicrobial technology. The latter is clinically proven to break down bacteria that can form in humid environments like your bathroom or gym bag. This keeps your FLIP fresher, longer and fights odor without any chemical coating—preserving the luxurious & comfortable drying experience for every hair type & routine.

Not only are AQUIS hair-drying tools good for your hair health, but they’re good for the planet too. Each conscious fabric design is powered by recycled water bottles that are broken down and woven into recycled fibers, so you can embrace the planet and healthier hair while you dry.

*Results observed in a scientific study on 8x bleached hair after 8 cycles of washing + drying. Results may vary with hair condition and frequency of washing.

Our most common hairtech questions, answered.

Q: Will this dry out my hair?
Nope. AQUITEX™ hairtech is designed to wick away excess water that can damage your hair, without stripping your hair’s natural moisture.

Q: Does your hairtech help with frizz?
Yes. Patented AQUITEX™ fabric strengthens hair while it dries, reducing frizz and increasing shine for all hair types. The soft fabric also prevents mechanical damage from rough traditional towels.

Q: Do your hair-drying tools work on coarse, curly & coily hair?
Powered by our proprietary AQUITEX™ fabric, all three hair-drying tools are engineered for every hair type & routine. The TOWEL features the largest surface area, making it perfect for plopping, targeted drying, and curly routines. The smooth surface helps define curls and coils without heat or friction for stronger, bouncier hair—nothing added.

Q: How long does this fabric last?
Our ultra-durable hairtech-powered fabric is made to last without breaking down, releasing microplastics or toxic dye into our water systems. Like any tool, optimal care will keep it at peak performance. Discover maintenance tips for preserving your drying tool here.

Q: How long does AQUIS take to work?
AQUITEX™ immediately wicks away water upon contact. While every head of hair is different, we recommend leaving your AQUIS on for 5-20 minutes until your hair feels damp. Then remove your tool, apply your styling product if desired, and style as usual.