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We're pleased to announce that we've linked up with the iconic This is Story, the retail concept store in New York that changes themes like a magazine while retailing lovely new things.
In January and February This is Story are focusing on helping you to 'Feel Good' and have joined forces with Cigna, a leading global health service company to explore the things you can do every day to “Feel Good,” from prevention (Good Plan), and nutrition (Good Eats), to mindfulness (Good Vibes) & yours truly for gorgeous hair (Aquis). So you too can enjoy the healthiest and happiest year of your life.

Hair Truth #3


Drying your hair is one of those innocuous habits that gets little attention. But hair has a dark secret. The keratin in the core of every hair strand has a terrible thirst. The longer it stays wet the more it stretches and the more water it absorbs. Until it gets so stretched and bloated that the keratin bonds rupture and then hair loses all of its natural elasticity. So it’s important to dry your hair fast. But to do so in a way that doesn’t stress or stretch your hair.




User Reviews

My hair is very fine and would get very frizzy and broken before but I am reaping the benefits of my hair towel now! My hair has never been silkier, stronger, and easy to style than it is now. I recommend this to ANYONE! (Abbey C, 2016) This towel is full and wraps easily, and soaks up water like nobody's business. By using the Aquis towel right out of the shower, I shorten the drying time with the blow dryer. (Dorothy, 2015) I’ve had the towel for about a week now. It has significantly cut down on my “air dry time.” I’d say my hair would usually be wet/ damp for about 2-3 hours after showering. Thanks again Aquis! (Becky McCleaf, 2015) Perfect for making sure my curly hair does not frizz! Perfect size for shoulder length hair. (Kristin, 2015) This towel looks to be in new condition spite of daily use, frequent time spent on dorm and apartment floors, and innumerable launderings!  A great purchase and certainly a gift that has kept on giving! (Elaine Coughlin, 2016) I was in need of an absorbent hair towel for very long hair and this was the perfect choice! I have already used the towel and it performs exactly as described. (Denise, 2015)

Aquis in the press

  • "I'm giving everyone I know these, it literally saves me 15 minutes every day! Your hair goes from sopping wet to dry in seconds."
    —Ashley Heckman, Senior Creative Editor

  • "We swear by Aquis' Hair Turban."

  • "I love wrapping up my hair in this super easy turban right out of the shower. By the time I'm done with my makeup, my hair is almost dry."
    — Selene Milano, Senior Beauty Editor

  • "We wouldn't normally recommend taking up precious luggage space with a towel, but the Lisse Luxe Hair Towel from Aquis is an exception"

  • "I actually noticed a real difference in the amount of frizz I was dealing with. Thanks to its Lisse fabric, the towel keeps the flyways at bay and for that, it is my hero."

  • The Lisse Luxe isn’t just any towel, naturally—it’s an ultra-absorbent, microfiber product that’s up to 7 times more efficient at wicking water, which means her hair will dry faster and she won’t have to worry about fizzy follicles"

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AQUIS Essentials offers our most absorbent and luxurious Aquitex fabric yet. You cannot buy a better hair towel.

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Waffle Luxe sounds like she might ‘go on a bit’. Indeed, with increased surface area from the layered fabric, Waffle Luxe loves thicker hair requiring more water wicking. Great for African and Asian hair.

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