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Did you know that too much water makes your hair tired, weak, and prone to breakage?

It's called Hygral Fatigue.

 The power of AQUIS Prime - the first ever, innovative 4 step system
that breaks the damage cycle from wash to wear.

 It's easy: Less Water + Faster Drying = Stronger Hair.

Hair Truth #1


It stretches and swells, making it prone to breakage. Water Defense PreWash® Spray — fortifies the hair from the inside out to keep strands from getting waterlogged and balancing hair to its natural pH.

“It was very easy to spritz the PreWash on while getting ready to shower. Made my hair feel softer."
-Melissa, Ohio

Hair Truth #2

Lather doesn’t mean clean.

In fact, the chemicals that cause those bubbles are damaging to your hair and don’t get it any cleaner than the gentle cleansers we use. Our Rebalancing Hair Wash gently removes dirt, oil, and other impurities while maintaining the hair pH balance and protecting the cuticles.

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“Amazing on my hair. My scalp always ends up feeling clean but not dry.”
– Denise, Pennsylvania

Hair Truth #3

Hair reclaims strength when dried quickly but gently.

The less time hair is wet, the stronger it will be. Our Rapid Dry Hair Turbans dry your hair 50% faster than regular towels without friction or heat.

“Love the hair towel. Have owned other ones, but this one is the BEST yet! The towel actually stays on my head and cut down on the time it took to dry my very thick hair.”
– Suzanne, Massachusetts

Hair Truth #4

Heavy doesn’t mean hydrated.

Conditioners may feel good temporarily but fall flat, and trap damaging water in the hair. Our Restorative Leave-In Conditioner is used on damp hair, providing  hydration and detangling without weighing hair down.

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“I like the idea of not using conditioner in the shower but using it on partially dried hair. It saves time in the shower and my hair feels better because of it.”
–Erin, Michigan