Tender Loving
Hair Care

These days, we work a lot on our self-care. We know that you can’t be your best self for others if you don’t first show up for yourself, and that if you put in the work to be healthy, feeling positive and looking good come naturally.

It’s time to take self-care to your hair. To stop talking about “good hair days” as if they are happy accidents, and work on building its intrinsic strength. For AQUIS, that meant understanding what’s really happening when you wash and dry your hair. Over three years and countless tests, we found a better and healthier way to care for your hair that shaves time off your routine, protects and perfects your hair, and gives you that unquestionable confidence in your hair that makes you #HairStrong.

“I love hearing stories about how passionate people are about our towels and turbans. How they don’t just save drying time but also save hair from damage. With AQUIS Prime, we’re excited to support stronger, healthier hair before you even step in the shower, doing more for your hair and in turn, your confidence. Let us know what you think—it really inspires us to do more.”

Giving Back

AQUIS Partners With Simply the Basics

AQUIS partners with Simply the Basics to help provide the fundamental hygiene basics that every person needs, giving people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to achieve and focus on bigger goals.