Hair Towels


Aquis® Essentials Hair Towels

Aquis® Hair Towels are available in Lisse Crepe and Waffle fabrics, designed to absorb excess moisture more quickly, gently and thoroughly than ordinary cotton towels, dramatically reducing blow-drying time for healthier shiny hair. Not using a blow dryer will help you combat bubble hair, split ends, and with proper towel drying – frizzy hair.

Super-absorbent • Lightweight • Ultra-soft • Gentle on Hair • Less Blow-drying

Lisse Crepe Hair Towel – 19″ x 39″
Our signature ultra-absorbent Lisse Crepe is densely woven from ultra-fine microfibers for a soft smooth finish and feather-light feel.
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Waffle Hair Towel – 19″ x 39″
Our richly textured waffle weave pairs plush absorbency with supreme softness for a spa-worthy bath experience.