Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel


With increased surface area from the layered fabric, our AQUIS Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel is an ultra-absorbent layered waffle texture with 25% more length. It is designed for longer hair lengths and for thick, coarse and porous hair. Made with AQUITEX, an innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibers to create a lightweight material with superior water-wicking capabilities that dries hair quickly and gently. Wraps and tucks easily. Dries hair to a damp stage fast, with less friction to minimize frizz and damage.

• Quickly zaps away water without friction
• Reduces total drying time by 50%
• Minimizes frizz and enhances shine

• Wrap until hair is damp
• Style as usual

• Formats: Wraps, Long Hair Wraps, Turbans
• Textures: Lisse (fine hair), Waffle (thick hair)
• Colors: Multiple

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