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Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Wrap

Never let your hair touch a harsh bath towel again, it deserves better. Our hair wraps are the first tools woven with proprietary AQUITEX™ fabric, clinically proven to strengthen while they dry hair in half the time. So all you’re left with is hair that’s frizz-free, vibrant, and full of shine. The raised pattern of our Waffle fabric is ideal for straight, thick hair.

Measures 10.5” x 29”

Proprietary Technology

Color Safe

90-Day Guarantee


Chemically-treated hair (everything from bleach to sunlight) is most vulnerable to damage both in and out of the shower. Add to that the roughness of a bath towel plus styling, and you’re looking at serious hair unhappiness.

Powered by our proprietary AQUITEX™ water-wicking fabric, this lightweight material is proven to leave damaged hair 2.5x stronger than drying with traditional towels + 5x stronger than speed drying with a blow dryer.

Your hair becomes healthy, your curls are smooth and defined, your color stays vibrant – and you’re out the door with less product and more time.

Less time drying, more time for you!

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See It In Action

Before Treatment


Before Treatment



Why Wet Hair is Weaker
Each strand of hair has a cuticle, an outer later that is delicate to water and heat. When you wash your hair, each strand’s cuticle raises and expands, which often leads to swelling known as hygral fatigue, damage, and faded color. Bleach and hair treatments also can affect your hair cuticle layer and its porosity, which is why this type of hair is in danger of the most damage over time.
Blow dryers should be considered a styling tool, yet they’re often used to speed up the drying process. Rubbing hair with a bath towel can also be harmful due to the force and breakdown of your hair cuticles, and other hair towels tend to still be too rough. Get stronger, smoother, healthier hair with AQUIS, the only hair tools clinically proven to strengthen while they dry hair in half the time.
Why a Hair Wrap is Healthier
How We Keep It Gentle
Our unique, innovative design allows for hair drying without force or heat and promotes stronger, healthier hair and a faster morning routine. AQUITEX™ is a material designed to wick away moisture faster than cotton wraps without taking necessary moisture out of your hair.


AQUITEX™, a blend of 80% polyester/20% nylon we pioneered and perfected, is inspired by the effective moisture-wicking abilities of workout fabrics.

The only hair technology that’s clinically proven to leave damaged hair up to 2.5x stronger than using a traditional towel and up to 5x stronger than speed drying with a blow dryer.

With each of our towels and wraps, AQUITEX™ is thoughtfully and uniquely woven into channels that move water away from your hair quickly and evenly. No rubbing. No frizz. No heat. Just safely dried, stronger hair.


Step One: Flip It Forward
Step 1
Put your head in a downward position. Place the wrap on the back of your head with the button at the nape of your neck.
Step 2
Twist the wrap until tight, but still comfortable, and secure in place by fastening the loop to the button at the nape of your neck. Try to avoid rubbing your hair as you put the wrap on.
Step Two: Twist & Secure
Step Three: Let It Dry
Let It Dry
Leave the wrap on while you finish getting ready. Check your hair every few minutes, and once it’s damp or drier, remove the wrap.


Hair Wrap

The wrap easily fits most head sizes, and the button/loop closure keeps it securely in place for hands-free hair drying.

Hair Towel

Our towels allow versatility for hair that needs extra taming. More fabric means extra absorbency and ease in holding all of your hair.

Lisse Fabric

Our lisse fabric is a flat, smooth-surface weave. Ideal for getting the best definition out of curls. Also the best option for fine or delicate hair.

Waffle Fabric

Our waffle fabric is ultra-absorbent, and ideal for thick, porous hair. The raised pattern offers more surface area for absorption and drying.