AQUIS PRIME SYSTEM with Subscription


AQUIS Prime is the first-of-its-kind hair care system designed to improve hair health by preventing Hygral Fatigue, the stretching and swelling that leads to damage and breakage while hair is wet. In four easy steps, it protects hair prior to and during washing, sets hair to its natural pH and works with its biome—leaving hair frizz-free, bouncy, shiny, and with longer-lasting color.

$99 ($111 value)
Water Defense PreWash, 12oz.
Rebalancing Hair Wash, 8oz.
Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Restorative Leave-In Conditioner, 8oz.


$49 ($72 value)
Water Defense PreWash, 3.4oz.
Rebalancing Hair Wash, 2oz.
Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Restorative Leave-In Conditioner, 2oz.



• Protects hair from moisture loss before and during cleansing
• Sets hair to natural pH
• Leaves hair frizz-free, smooth, bouncy, and easier to style

In a 28-day independent trial:

• 95% of participants said hair feels moisturized
• 95% said hair looks smoother
• 90% saw less damage

Step 1: Prior to showering, spray Water Defense PreWash directly onto dry hair. Set for at least 2 minutes before wetting hair.
Step 2: At the end of your shower, gently massage Rebalancing Hair Wash throughout hair and rinse thoroughly.
Step 3: Lightly squeeze hair in Rapid Dry Hair Turban; wrap and button. Leave on until hair is damp.
Step 4: Apply Restorative Leave-In Conditioner, and comb with wide-toothed comb or fingers and style as desired.

• Coconut Oil
• Plant-derived Surfactants
• Avocado Oil
• Keratin and Cysteine Amino Acids

Formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and is allergist and dermatologist tested and gluten-free.

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