Forget Your Frustration
with Frizzy Hair
with AQUIS Rapid Dry
Hair Turbans

Forget Your
with Frizzy Hair
With AQUIS Rapid
Dry Hair Turbans

Your Hair is Most Vulnerable When it is Wet

When hair absorbs water it causes swelling and stretching, weakening the hair up to 57%. To keep hair strong, water needs to be removed within the first few minutes of getting out of the shower.

Less Water + Faster, Gentler Drying = Frizz-Free Hair

Friction from heavy cotton towels, and blow drying when wet are the two main culprits of frizzy hair. When applied to wet hair, they cause hair to stretch and pull, weakening the hair cuticle, creating frizz and forcing hair to reach a point of breakage faster.

Stay #Hairstrong with the AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turban 


AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turban is proven to cut drying time by 50% thanks to a proprietary wicking fabric called Aquitex. In doing this, the turban prevents Hygral Fatigue—the stretching and swelling of wet hair that makes it vulnerable to frizz and damage. Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban easily secures around the head, allowing for faster and hands-free drying.

Hair Types:
✓ Fine
✓ Treated
✓ Damaged
✓ Thinning
✓ Straight, curly, wavy, kinky

Size: 10.5" x 29"





This is Not Your Ordinary Hair Towel

90% of women agree that hair looks less frizzy, healthier, and shinier after 21 days of use.

Cuts drying time by 50%

Helps reduce frizz, breakage, and damage

Helps hair color stay vibrant longer

Helps hair look shinier, smoother, softer

Creates bounce, volume and curl definition

Hands-free, friction-free, travel friendly

Reduces the need for styling products

How to Use

1. Wrap wet hair

2. Wait until it's damp

3. Style your way

4. Embrace the day

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Customers Love the AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turban

"Fantastic product. So easy to use, say goodbye to big towels wobbling and falling off your head. Has made a real difference to the appearance of my wavy hair. Reduced frizz! Love it."

- Liz, England

"This product cuts the drying time of my curly thick haired 5-year-old daughter by half and her frizzy hair has improved in texture! Everyone should own this hair towel!"

- Vanessa, United States

"One of the best purchases I have made. I bought the Rapid Dry Hair turban right after ITG released their top 25 list. It dries my hair pretty quick and leaves it soft and without frizz."

- Raiya, United States

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