Hair is delicate. A stretchy keratin core is covered by a protective layer of tiny cuticles. When hair is wet the inner core swells and gets super stretchy. And it is very easy to damage the cuticles in this state. Rubbing wet hair with a towel can result in hair that is dull, frizzy and lifeless. Because the cuticles get raised, bent and broken. Something no amount of conditioner or treatments can then fix.


That’s where Aquis comes in. The Aquitex fabric is so absorbent that you don't need to rub your hair. Just pat it dry, wrap it, relax, and within minutes your hair will be so dry that it only needs a little heat to style it. Dry your hair this Aquis way and within weeks and your hair should look and feel years younger.


    At Beauty Beat Box we are always on the lookout for the next big thing to share with our subscribers. As women with textured hair we welcome a tool that pumps up our hair care routine. Whether natural or relaxed, we all want to tackle frizz, minimize breakage and treat our hair with a little TLC. When we first tried the Aquis Hair Towel we were sold. It absorbs water like a thirsty sponge! Ladies, how many times have the directions on your conditioner or curly cream advised you to “towel dry” your hair first. Well, we know what that can lead to—frizz, curl disruption and sometimes even breakage. Enter Aquis. It must be magic fibers. If your hair is relaxed, with a few taps of the towel on your hair, enough water is absorbed to prep strands for your styling and maintenance products. If you’re a naturalista, use it to squeeze the ends of soaking wet curls to absorb the extra water before applying a curl defining cream. Our curls stayed intact. We love that it cut the frizz and most importantly, cut the drying time. The less heat we put on our fragile, curly and coily strands the better! And by the way, if you have young boys in your household like we do, Aquis is perfect for drying their hair throughout quickly and on the go! We are so excited to have Aquis as part of our family of brands.



    Your incredible hair is an extension of your body and it needs to be looked after just as you look after your eyes, your hands and your heart. And, we need to first understand our hair before we can truly care for it. As we pursue beauty rituals, we tend to pick up habits that lead us into recurring cycles that cause more damage instead of adding to the health of our hair.

    Hair is one of those parts of us that has suffered over generations from an extensive cycle of damage and in the process we’ve been forced to continue stressing it and ourselves more and more every day to keep it picture-perfect. Women today find that their hair is drier, more damaged and frizzy and breaks easily despite spending over $80 billion a year on hair care products.

    Our natural hair drying movement is about creating awareness and the need to preserve the integrity of your hair by damaging it less, especially when hair is wet and in its most vulnerable state.

    Adopt a new hair drying ritual, one in which you learn to take care of your hair. Join the natural hair drying movement, learn more about our hair truths and participate in a community that truly loves and cares for hair. Beautiful, healthy hair will live beyond the moment, and for years to come.