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Great hair shouldn’t take all dae. Meet the limited-edition hair wrap created with dae’s founder and avid AQUIS user Amber Fillerup Clark. This desert-inspired design in Prickly Pear is woven with quick-wicking AQUITEX™ fabric to strengthen while it dries hair in half the time. Get ready to experience your best hair daes.

Color: Prickly Pear


Proprietary Technology


90-Day Guarantee

What It Does

  • PROTECT HAIR AT ITS WEAKEST — Hair is most vulnerable when it's wet. Avoid the friction and heat damage caused by traditional terry towels or blow-drying for stronger, healthier hair.
  • SPEEDS UP DRY TIME - Our trademarked moisture-wicking fabric quickly and gently wicks water away from hair to protect the integrity of the hair strand, resulting in 50% faster drying time.
  • UNWRAP STRONGER HAIR — Award-winning AQUITEX™ technology leaves hair 2.5x stronger hair than drying with traditional towels + 5x stronger hair than speed drying with a blow dryer.
  • THROUGH THICK AND THIN - The raised Waffle fabric pattern works for all hair types and is ideal for drying more porous strands.

Why It Works

  • AQUITEX™ is a material designed to wick away water faster than cotton without taking necessary moisture out of your hair.
  • Inspired by the effective moisture-wicking abilities of workout fabrics, AQUITEX™ is woven into channels that move water away from your hair quickly and evenly. No rubbing. No frizz. No heat. Just safely dried hair.
This no muss, no fuss solution is exclusively designed to declutter your daely routine. The hands-free hair wrap works for all hair habits and lifestyles and complements the dae shower routine.

“I use mine every time I shower and it makes such a difference in my hair routine.” – Amber Fillerup Clark


4 Easy Steps
  1. Bend at the waist, letting all your hair fall toward the floor.
  2. Place the button end of the wrap at the nape of your neck and tuck your hair inside the wrap.
  3. Twist the fabric and hair securely - pull the tail of the wrap up, and over your head and secure loop to button.
  4. Leave on for 10-20 minutes for best drying results.
Care Instructions
Wash before first use. Wash on warm and gentle using a mild liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergents, fabric softeners, or detergents that contain phenol derivatives, borax, sodium chloride, or anti-foaming agents.

Dry immediately after washing on low heat or air dry. Hang-dry your AQUIS product immediately after each use.