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The Copper Sure™ Sport Towel

Meet the ultimate active towel, created in collaboration with London-based activewear powerhouse Sweaty Betty. Woven with signature AQUITEX™ fabric to quickly wick away sweat and moisture before, during, or after your workout and trademarked COPPER SURE™ antimicrobial technology to keep bacteria at bay. Finally, a towel that works as hard as you do—powered by science to keep it fresher, longer.

 Dimensions: 15"x26"


Proprietary Technology


90-Day Guarantee


What It Does

  • A TOWEL THAT WORKS AS HARD AS YOU DO: Our unique, innovative design allows for quick and gentle drying and sweat absorption without the bulk (or friction) of a regular cotton towel.
  • DURABLE AND ABSORBENT: Avoid lugging around a heavy, bulky towel, this compact, ultra-light design is durable and dries quickly.
  • STAYS FRESHER, LONGER: Woven with naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial copper clinically proven to repel bacteria. Great for travel on the go, post-gym, or wherever you sweat.
Model with Aquis x Sweaty Betty Copper Sure Sport Towel

Why It Works

Aquitex™ Performance Fabric
  • AQUITEX™ is a proprietary material designed to wick water and sweat away faster than cotton without taking necessary moisture out of your hair or skin.
  • Inspired by the effective moisture-wicking abilities of workout fabrics, AQUITEX™ is woven into channels that quickly and gently move moisture away for faster dry time.
  • Woven with our trademarked COPPER SURE™ technology that is naturally derived, without any chemical coating.
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment enables your towel to stay fresher, for longer.
  • Antimicrobial. Antibacterial. Odorless. Mold Resistant.
  • Wash your towel less, saving water and helping the environment.
Aquis x Sweaty Betty Copper Sure Sport Towel close up


Aquis x Sweaty Betty Copper Sure Sport Towel after a workout
Effortless Drying
Dab, pat, rub, or wrap this towel. It can be used for anything, anywhere. Convenient snap loop makes it easy to hang dry after each use.
Care Instructions
Wash before first use. Wash on warm and gentle using a mild liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergents, fabric softeners, or detergents that contain phenol derivatives, borax, sodium chloride, or anti-foaming agents.

Dry immediately after washing on low heat or air dry. Hang-dry your AQUIS product immediately after each use.
Aquis x Sweaty Betty Copper Sure Sport Towel care instructions