I ironed my hair. Yes, on the ironing board with an actual iron...
I ironed my hair. Yes, on the ironing board with an actual iron...
I ironed my hair. Yes, on the ironing board with an actual iron...
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As a teenager growing up in the sixties my hair was big, wavy and completely unmanageable. I ironed my hair. Yes, on the ironing board with an actual iron, the same way you would iron your clothes. The other thing I would do to smooth my hair was use three or four large frozen orange juice concentrate cans as rollers along the center and top of my head. I’d sleep with them in overnight. Can you imagine? The things we used to do! Then in the eighties, when it was actually in style to have big hair, I fit right in. I even permed my hair because a hairdresser told me doing so would straighten it. Sadly, that was not the case.

When curling irons came out, I was ecstatic because they straightened my hair. I would spend over an hour doing my hair each day. Then came the flat irons. Even better. I would wash my hair once a week, spend over an hour straightening it so it would stay that way all week. Mind you I was ever vigilant in the rain to prevent dreaded frizz.

It was literally scary to try AQUIS. Nothing has ever worked on my hair and believe me I have tried every no-frizz smoothing product on the market. To say I was super skeptical is an understatement. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. 

The PreWash? Awesome. I throw my head over the bathtub and spray the primer into my hair until it’s all covered. I wait a few minutes before using that wonderful Rebalancing Hair Wash. At first, I really want to glob on the conditioner because that’s what has always calmed my hair down in the past but the instructions are so different from what I’ve always done.  "Rinse and wrap your hair in the turban.” Excuse me? No conditioner? What? I proceed as instructed and rinse the Hair Wash out and wrap my hair in the turban. While my hair is still damp I use the Leave-In Conditioner. Sometimes I’ll run my fingers through my hair, mostly to make myself feel better about actually doing something to prepare my hair for the day. At this point I’m done. Yep! I just let it air dry.

Oh my goodness. I am in shock. Even my daughter and grandchildren have exclaimed "wait—when did you get such curly hair?" NO FRIZZ. Zilch. None. My hair is gorgeous! It’s soft and shiny, too! I even have men stop me in the grocery store and say with awe that I have beautiful hair. I am still shaking my head. 

Please. Pretty Please: don't ever change the formula or stop making this product. I am a changed woman! I now have all this time on my hands and my hair is gorgeous. Thank you, thank you for this product.

Catherine McCan is an AQUIS customer.