We didn’t follow the hair turban trend. We pioneered it.
We didn’t follow the hair turban trend. We pioneered it.
We didn’t follow the hair turban trend. We pioneered it.
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Aquis Hair Towels and Turbans deliver a revolutionary way of strengthening hair from the inside out, core to cuticle by fighting water fatigue - and we pioneered it.

We engineered Aquitex, which all Aquis Hair Towels and Turbans are made of. Combining science and technology this is not an ordinary towel. A breakthrough, proprietary performance-drying weave-technology, this innovative lightweight fabric is made from finer than silk microfibers, uniquely woven together to quickly wick away water while efficiently drying hair. 

And how you dry your hair matters—because water is hair’s natural enemy. Water fatigue causes swelling, stretching, and damage which lead to bad hair days—and damage is compounded when you expose wet hair to heat. But drying hair very quickly protects the integrity of your hair, and our high-performance technology brings hair from wet to dry 50% faster, meaning less heat damage from your hair dryer. Harsh cotton towels do not effectively dry hair, damaging cuticles and causing frizz through friction due to harsh terry loops. And all microfiber hair towels are not created. Aquis Hair Towels and Turbans are unlike your average microfiber towels, which are typically designed with an electrostatic charge to grab dirt, ultimately damaging hair and causing flyaways. Because we didn’t just simplify the haircare routine—we reinvented it.

 Here’s exactly how our innovative technology revives hair:

1. Water out and moisture in.

You know when you take a long bath and your nails feel softer and weaker? Water does the same thing to your hair. Our products get excess water out fast and keep moisture (like natural oils) in.

2. Softer, smoother and shinier.

Who doesn’t want less breakage and fewer split ends? Our technology helps hair become more resilient for hair that looks and feels softer, smoother, and shinier.

3. No friction. No frizz.

Our products cut down on frizz. By wicking excess moisture out quickly without rubbing, you can skip the heavy-duty bath towels that lead to frizz.

4. Simplify your routine without weighing hair down.

Aquis technology simplifies your routine by removing the need for heavy cuticle-smoothing styling products that fake the look of healthy hair. Instead, your hair be naturally bouncy, not weighed down.

5. Turn up the volume.

Water fatigue results in stretching and swelling of the hair. And the longer hair is wet, the flatter it will look and feel. By getting water out of your hair – fast – your hair will get more volume, naturally.

6. More bounce for curly hair.

Curly hair is especially prone to the stretching and swelling water can cause. Our technology quickly wicks water away with a lightweight textures doesn’t weigh your hair (or head) down. That means bouncier curls with less product.

7. No more calendaring your washes.

Aquis technology simplifies and shortens your routine by removing water—fast—for not only less water damage, but less style time. That means no more consulting your calendar to schedule a shower. It also means less blow drying, which also means less heat damage. Because you have better things to do.

8. No stripping or color wash-out.

Keeping your body hydrated with water is typically a good thing. But when too much water penetrates your hair, it can strip away moisture and color. By getting water out of your hair and closing those cuticles up fast, your color stays vibrant, longer.