This is your hair. This is your hair on water.
This is your hair. This is your hair on water.
This is your hair. This is your hair on water.
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Water - it’s hair’s natural enemy. 

We know what you’re thinking. How could water possibly be bad for my hair? Water is the essence of life and my mom always told me to drink more of it.

Think about your nails after you come out of a bath. They look and feel soft and weak – not strong and healthy as they do when they are dry. This same thing happens to your hair after long exposure to water (after all, your hair and your nails are both made of keratin). This chemical change in hair is called hygral fatigue, or as we call it, water fatigue.

When water absorbs into your hair, the inside core of the strand swells and bloats, pushing open the protective layers (called cuticles) which allow more water into the hair. Leaving your hair waterlogged weakens it, leading to cuticle and hair breakage, which causes frizz, damage, tangles, and dullness – basically, a very bad hair day.

First to market, Aquis Hair Towels and Turbans deliver a revolutionary way of strengthening hair from the inside out, core to cuticle by fighting water fatigue. Combining science and technology, we engineered Aquitex, a breakthrough, proprietary performance-drying weave-technology. This innovative lightweight fabric is made from finer than silk microfibers, uniquely woven together to quickly wick away water while efficiently drying hair. How you dry your hair matters.