The Case for Less Heat
Aquis Staff
The Case for Less Heat
The Case for Less Heat
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We sometimes take our hair for granted. It keeps our head warm, frames our face, and is a major part of any beauty look. You might be running late in the morning before that meeting with your boss at 8 a.m. What do you do? You might quickly dry it with a bath towel before hitting your hair with the over-drying heat of a blow dryer. We get you—life’s short and no one has time for a lengthy hair drying routine.


A Better Solution

The next time you find yourself in this (above) situation, consider this: blow drying your hair should be last step in your hair routine. In fact, less heat equals less damage to your hair. "…the Aquis Lisse Luxe towel helped my long, straight, frizz-prone, color-treated hair tremendously in the areas of air drying and tangles. After switching to it, I can’t stand going back to normal towels while traveling or when this is in the wash," says Julia Ann, Writer and Creator of

First, gently dry your hair the right way—namely with our AQUIS Hair Turban or Hair Towel (like with the coveted Stormy Sky shown above). It'll minimize hair damage—and your overall drying time, bringing your hair to a damp state quickly. Then multitask like a pro: put on your makeup and after about 7-10 minutes (depending on your hair—it’s not one size fits all), take off your Hair Towel or Turban. If you still need to use the hair dryer, do it, but only for a few minutes. Trust us—you’ll thank us for that less frizzy, shinier-looking hair that styles better.