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Community Voices: In Conversation with Jules Monae
San Francisco native Jules Monae, is a makeup artist and hair stylist who is passionate about pushing brands and companies to elevate Black voices and stories.  read more
THE DETOX CHALLENGE: Reclaim Healthy Hair in Just Three Weeks
We challenged three digital content creators to a three week hair detox, using only the AQUIS Prime Routine, plus our Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash. Fol... read more
A Quarantine Q & A with Sweat and Repeat's Rachael Kester
Rachael Kester is a Los Angeles resident who enjoys sharing her fitness experience and tips with fellow Angelenos who are trying to mix up their routines, m... read more
Thank You to Our Essential Workers
There are countless essential workers who, for the past 2-plus months, have gone above and beyond to take care of others. Back in April we asked our followe... read more
Self Care & Silver Linings
There is no such thing as too much self-care. And now more than ever, as we're self-isolating at home due to the corona virus pandemic, we all need to take ... read more
My heart was fixed, and I was finally better, but my outside didn’t reflect that at all.
I will never forget standing in the mirror, looking at my brush full of hair, weeping. My heart was fixed, and I was finally better, but my outside didn’t r... read more