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Community Voices: In Conversation with Jules Monae
San Francisco native Jules Monae, is a makeup artist and hair stylist who is passionate about pushing brands and companies to elevate Black voices and stories.  read more
HAIR LOSS: Why it Happens and How to Keep Your Hair
Most all of us have experienced hair loss or thinning in one form or another, for one reason or another. We checked in with our in-house haircare specialist... read more
Community Voices: In Conversation with Amber Morris
Community Voices is a series shining a spotlight on Black-owned, small businesses in the Bay Area. We talk about the COVID-19 crisis, the Black Lives Matte... read more
Summer Loving Haircare: Hot Tips to Prevent Frizz
Summer is here. We’re looking forward to long days at the lake, trips to the beach, warm air, and lots of time outdoors. What we’re not looking forward to? ... read more
Summer Loving Haircare: How to Prevent Color Fade  
Summer weather means more time outdoors in the sun and water, two of our favorite things. Once of our least favorite things? Color fade. We’re here with a f... read more