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Community Voices: In Conversation with Jules Monae
San Francisco native Jules Monae, is a makeup artist and hair stylist who is passionate about pushing brands and companies to elevate Black voices and stories.  read more
AQUIS Unfiltered: Victoria McCutcheon
As a woman of color, I personally struggled with searching for a stylist that understood the complexity of my curly hair. I knew I needed to be that stylist... read more
AQUIS Unfiltered: Ivy Kirk
Ivy Kirk is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and fashion designer. She studied at Parsons School of Design and went on to work as a designer at Kate Spade New... read more
AQUIS Unfiltered: Mother's Day edition featuring Dana Oliver
I’m grateful for my grandmother’s spirit and prayers for allowing me to trust in my body’s ability to do what so many women before me had done: give birth. read more
One thing I've learned for sure is that self-esteem doesn't come from a magazine or bottle...
  “Your daughter has beautiful hair. Is that natural?” I was only four when I heard the first compliment on my hair, at least that I can remember. I was ... read more