Summer Loving Haircare: How to Prevent Color Fade  
Summer Loving Haircare: How to Prevent Color Fade  
Summer Loving Haircare: How to Prevent Color Fade  
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Summer weather means more time outdoors in the sun and water, two of our favorite things. Once of our least favorite things? Color fade. We’re here with a few tips on how to make your hair color look like you just came from the salon all summer long and beyond.

  • Protect and defend your strands!  AQUIS Water Defense PreWash protects hair from water damage and also keeps hair cuticles closed preventing color fade. Formulated with coconut oil to help make hair hydrophobic, it reduces swelling of the hair strand by 46%. Spray on dry hair before showering, swimming or sweating to protect strands from chlorine, salt, and the elements. 
  • Less is more. Washing hair less helps color lasts longer. Once to three times a week is ideal for most hair types. The more you wash your hair the more it strips essential oils, and the more the oil glands in your scalp will try to replenish what was stripped away, sometimes leaving hair greasy. AQUIS Prime Rebalancing Hair Wash is gently formulated to cleanse hair without disrupting pH levels and stripping away color. Wait at least 24 hours or longer to wash your hair for the first time after coloring.
  • Cool your jets.  Wash with cool to lukewarm water. Hot water can wash away your natural oils and dry out hair, decreasing the life of your hair color and causing fade.

  • Set your hair free.  Sulfates and alcohol are drying to hair. When hair is stripped of the protective lipids, the cuticles stay open making hair more vulnerable to water damage from chlorinated, salt and hard water. The AQUIS Prime System is free of sulfates and alcohol, and is formulated to protect hair’s natural integrity.  
  • Dry with care.  Wet hair is weak hair. AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans are designed to wick water from hair at the point of contact, bringing hair from wet to damp quickly and gently, without friction. Closing the hair cuticles and preserving hair color.

  • Can’t touch this. Stay away from hot tools the first week after you color your hair. Applying heat to colored hair can change the color entirely. Better yet, use and AQUIS hair turban and then air dry your hair the rest of the way. Go au natural all summer so hair has a chance to recover and shine.
  • Made in the shade.  Wear a hat when you’re out in the sun to prevent color fade and save your skin at the same time. Sunlight is a huge contributor to color fading too soon. 
  • Leave-in love.  AQUIS Prime Restorative Leave-in Serum is your hair’s best summer friend. Apply to damp hair after rinsing out chlorinated or salt water and drying with an AQUIS hair towel or turban. For total hair protection and to moisturize — just rub a dime-sized amount through your hair after showering, to balance hair’s pH and keep hair cuticles closed for stronger, healthier hair.