Summer Loving Haircare: Hot Tips to Prevent Frizz
Summer Loving Haircare: Hot Tips to Prevent Frizz
Summer Loving Haircare: Hot Tips to Prevent Frizz
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Summer is here. We’re looking forward to long days at the lake, trips to the beach, warm air, and lots of time outdoors. What we’re not looking forward to? The frizz -- that stubborn, undesirable halo of out-of-control hair that happens after being in and out of the water all day at the beach or pool, or the moment you step out the door in humid weather. 

So how does frizz happen?

Healthy hair has protective lipids that act as the “glue” that keeps the cuticle cells closed and flat, leaving hair looking smooth and sleek.

Chemical process and heat damage strip the hair of these lipids which means that the cuticle layer becomes damaged and the scales much more prone to lifting. When hair cuticles are lifted, they rub against one another creating friction that results in frizz. The hair cuticles also take in any moisture from the surrounding air causing the hair to swell and frizz. 

Increased humidity in the summer months can take hair from sleek and smooth to majorly frizzy in a just a few minutes of being outside. Humidity has a similar effect on hair as water (humid hair has a higher number of water molecules than dry air). Just like water, medium to high humidity opens the hair’s cuticle layer. The bonds within the hair strand start absorbing the moisture which causes major frizz, and fly-aways, as well as making straight hair wavy and curly hair curlier.

We want to look cool, effortless and carefree, but our hair looks like a hot mess. So how do we get there? To protect hair in humidity and reduce summer frizz, follow these steps:

  • Apply AQUIS Water Defense PreWash before showering, swimming or sweating, to help hair cuticles lay flat and protect hair from absorbing water. Our PreWash is formulated with coconut oil to help make hair hydrophobic. 
  • Rinse hair with cool, clean water after swimming, sweating or going in the ocean to remove chlorine and salt and help keep hair cuticles closed.

  • Avoid washing hair with hot water which can strip hair of natural oils that keep hair smooth and moisturized, leaving it dry and defenseless.
  • Choose haircare products free of sulfates and alcohol. Both of these ingredients can dry out hair leaving it brittle and prone to frizz. (All AQUIS haircare products are free of sulfates and alcohol among other harmful ingredients).

  • Say goodbye to your blow dryer and heat styling tools all summer long. Take advantage of the summer hair trends (think un-done beachy waves) by using an AQUIS turban or towel to dry your hair. AQUIS towels and turbans dry hair 50% faster than a regular cotton towel, without friction or damage to the cuticle, which mean less frizz and more shine.

  • Try using AQUIS Restorative Leave-In Conditioning Serum before going outside to protect hair from pollution and humidity. Keeping hair well hydrated will make it less likely to absorb moisture from the air. This lightweight serum helps set hair to its natural pH of 4.5-5.5, and won’t weigh hair down thus enhancing waves and curls. It will also help keep the cuticle closed so hair stays smooth and strong, with 24 hour frizz control.

Need help choosing the perfect hair turban for your hair type? We’re breaking it down for you.

AQUIS gently cuts down on drying time by 50%, bringing hair from wet to damp without the damaging effects of friction and heat. So pick your turban or towel texture and say buh-bye to summer frizz.