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From the beginning, we've shaken it up a bit. We believe in truth, science, convenience, and the power that a great head of hair can give a girl (or guy!). The beauty industry has been feeding us misinformation about hair care for years, and we're here to take it back. Over the next few days, we're going to unpack some simple truths about your hair you need to know to keep it protected, healthy, shiny, and strong.


Hair Truth # 1: Your hair is most vulnerable when wet.

There is a protein in skin and hair called keratin that protects cells from damage and stress. When hair is wet, keratin absorbs water very quickly, causing your hair to swell and stretch, ultimately making it weak and prone to damage. This is a crucial point to understanding hair health! 



In order to protect hair as much as possible, water needs to be removed from the hair in a safe way, so as to not damage the cuticles. Yes, we said cuticles. Due to swelling, the cuticles open and get caught on fibers from towels when drying your hair. 



This is why we felt compelled to create AQUIS towels and turbans. Our towels take care of your hair, remove the water quickly, safely, and get you on to styling faster. But, this is just one truth.

Next up, the real deal when it comes to heat.