Love & Haircare: Featuring Steph & Katie of LEZ SEE THE WORLD
Love & Haircare: Featuring Steph & Katie of LEZ SEE THE WORLD
Love & Haircare: Featuring Steph & Katie of LEZ SEE THE WORLD
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Our At-Home Hair Care Routines with AQUIS 

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with AQUIS! We have both used AQUIS hair towels for years and we are so excited to be working with them to share their amazing products with our audience. 

It’s been almost a full year since we stopped traveling and settled down in Vancouver to stay safe during this pandemic. We’ve never spent this much time at home in the full ten years that we’ve been together! We’re so grateful to be healthy and to have each other to lean on right now, and it’s given us a lot of really wonderful quality time as a couple. We’ve been getting creative with at-home date nights, DIY spa days, and anything else we can do to stay connected and keep our relationship strong.

All this time in our condo means we have a lot more time to take care of ourselves, so we’ve been putting extra energy into our personal care routines, beauty routines, and haircare routines. It’s become something really fun to do together as a couple, and a nice way to spend intentional, quality time with one another at home.  


Today we’re sharing a bit about our haircare routines, and the most important hair tool that we both have at home. We have completely different hair types and very opposite needs, but we’ve both been using AQUIS Hair Towels for years and we love them. They keep our hair strong and healthy and reduce damage every time we use them. We recommend these towels to everyone as an absolute must-have for healthy hair!

I (Katie) have been on a healthy hair journey for a couple years now, and I’ve become obsessed with all things hair health. I’ve learned so much about how to care for my natural texture after damaging my hair for years, and now I focus on being as gentle as possible. I’m very conscious of every single product and tool I use because I know what a difference these things make, and I ensure that everything Steph and I use at home is going to be the best for our hair. 

AQUIS Hair Towels

Your hair is the most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, so a gentle post-shower hair routine is incredibly important. How you dry your hair plays a big role in hair health, and a proper microfiber hair towel is a must-have. They cut down drying time, protect color, reduce damage and frizz, and help to define your natural texture. They are especially important for anyone with waves, curls, or coils, but they benefit every hair type. The goal is to get your hair from wet to damp as quickly as possible, without using heat or friction, which can cause a lot of damage. A quality microfiber towel can cut down on blow-drying time, or even eliminate it all together! AQUIS towels gently absorb water from the hair, helping it to dry faster and more efficiently. They are so much healthier for your hair than rough bath towels, and the unique Aquitex fabric dries the hair more evenly than other microfiber wraps. 

AQUIS has flat hair towels as well as hair wraps, and different types of fabric for different hair types. They offer something for every hair length and texture, and Steph and I each have different designs that benefit our hair. Keep reading for our personal haircare routines! 

Steph’s Hair Routine

Steph has always had really beautiful, healthy hair. She never colors it or heat styles it, but because her hair strands are quite fine she can still be prone to breakage. She’s been growing out her length for the past couple years, so it’s especially important that she uses a gentle towel to dry her thick, straight hair on wash days. Steph loves a low-maintenance routine, so her go-to towel is the Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Wrap, and has it in Moody Grey. The raised texture of the waffle fabric is ultra-absorbent, which cuts down drying time and makes for a quick and easy routine. This design is perfect for thick, straight hair! Steph wraps her hair right out of the shower and lets it dry in the towel for 20-30 minutes. The loop and button closure keeps the hair wrap in place so she can go about her day hands-free. Afterward, she’ll take out her hair, brush it, and let it air dry for the remaining time. Her results are frizz-free, shiny, healthy hair every time with very little effort.

Katie’s Hair Routine

My hair is naturally wavy, but I’ve only started embracing my real texture over the past couple years. With over a decade working in the talent industry, my hair became so damaged from constant heat styling, coloring, bleaching, backcombing, etc. I reached a point where I just really wanted to care for my hair and get it feeling as healthy as possible, and I wanted to wear my natural texture with no heat in my routine. My waves can be pretty delicate so it’s essential that I use a quality hair towel on wash days. My go-to is the Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel, and I have it in Desert Rose. The flat, smooth-weave design is extremely absorbent and perfect for scrunching the water out of my hair post shower. Scrunching my hair dry with the towel really helps to define my natural texture and encourage more bounce in my waves. It’s so gentle and doesn’t cause any frizz (and we all know wavy/curly hair is prone to frizz). I will either scrunch my hair from soaking wet for 5-10 minutes with my towel and then leave it to air dry, or “plop” my waves in my hair towel for 10-20 minutes before taking it out and scrunching. Eliminating heat from my hair routine has made such a massive difference in my hair health and I’ll never go back! 

We recently replaced our old AQUIS towels with their current designs and we love them so much. They’re definitely the best part of our haircare routines and by far the most important styling tool for healthy hair! You can shop AQUIS hair towels and wraps on their website and we suggest reading the recommendations to find which design is best for your unique hair type. Get ready to never use another hair towel ever again!  

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