Does Less Water Mean Less Blow Drying and Heat Styling?
Does Less Water Mean Less Blow Drying and Heat Styling?
Does Less Water Mean Less Blow Drying and Heat Styling?
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Heat damaged hair is no joke. If you’ve ever experienced it you know it when you see it – flat, lifeless, and irreparable. What’s more is that curly hair loses its curl. The only true fix is to chop it and grow it allllll out. So not fun.


But what exactly is heat damage?


When heat is applied to hair strands on a setting that is too high, it damages the hair shaft and changes the natural integrity of your hair. This is true no matter if it is super curly or stick straight. You might have noticed that treatments can improve the appearance of heat damaged hair. But unfortunately, once your hair is damaged, it is scientifically irreparable.


Let’s break it down. Healthy hair has a flat cuticle layer, with cuticle scales held closed by fatty lipid molecules that help protect and preserve your hair.


Heat, friction, and styling products can deplete those lovely lipids and create cracks in the cuticle layer to produce tangles, frizz, rough texture, and dullness.


If you’re a curly girl or use heat tools, how do you avoid irreversibly heat damaging your hair?



Here are our rules of thumb:


  • Wait to wet your hair until the end of your shower routine.


  • Remove water from your hair quickly with a hair towel or turban.


  • Use a gentle blow dryer on damp hair (never soaking wet) to maintain a balanced scalp and to regulate oil production.


Removing water from your hair quickly protects the integrity of your strands. AQUIS towels and turbans zap water from your hair 50% faster, which avoids exposing your hair cuticles to water fatigue. It results in less time blow drying and thereby less risk of heat damage.



Do you have curly hair? The AQUIS Luxe towels and turbans maintain naturally healthy cuticles and enhance natural curls, wave, and your hair’s natural integrity.


Do you have straight hair? AQUIS Lisse towels and turbans do all of the above. Our customers report that they also help enhance the volume of straight locks.


We all know heat should be used moderately and responsibly. Trust us—you’ll thank us for that less frizzy, shinier-looking hair that styles better.


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