Less is More Round Up: Part I
Less is More Round Up: Part I
Less is More Round Up: Part I
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Less is More is a series shining a spotlight on Black-owned, small businesses in the Bay Area. We talk about the COVID-19 crisis, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and how living simply and empathetically is our future. 

Literally, Less is More now. We are restricted in so many ways from how we were used to living our lives before coronavirus, but it doesn’t mean our lives were better before.

When the civil unrest started we came to the decision to shine a light on Black owned businesses in particular. This series is focused on people who are deeply immersed in their community, passionate about what they do, and focused on making a positive change in the world. 

In this video series, each of the three business owners we spoke with addresses what they have changed about their businesses and what they may still need to change going forward to accommodate life as we know it now. Everything is more streamlined. Plus, there is a genuine focus on what really matters -- people, food, health, equal rights. With focus, the extraneous falls away.

When we asked each of them what Less is More means to them, their responses reveal what matters most to them when we take all of the “more” away... people, equality, humanity, sharing, love are the things that matter.

The Golden Hour 

We visited SF vintage shop owner Morgan Mapes. As Vice President of her local Merchants Association, Morgan is organizing to make her neighborhood a safe and welcoming place for all visitors. Her light-filled vintage shop, The Golden Hour, is filled with treasures new and old and is a gathering place in the community.


Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen

We spent an afternoon with Jamie Boatner, proprieter of Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen, and learned how he came to pay tribute to his mother and her cooking at the restaurant he named after her. Jamie shared his thoughts on what the Black Lives Matter Movement means to him as a Black man at this time in history. 

Amber Morris Voice Coaching

We spent an evening with Amber Morris, legendary Bay Area voice coach and singer, as she shared how she helps her students find and use their own voices to create change in themselves and others. She shares what she has discovered as she delves into her family history, the pain and the love, the wisdom of generations.  

Hear them share their thoughts in their own words. For the full Q&A visit the links below: 

A Q&A with Morgan Mapes of the Golden Hour. 

A Q&A with Jamie Boatner of Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen. 

A Q&A with Amber Morris Voice Coaching.