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As the days linger longer and the weather slowly warms up, we can feel summer creeping in. It’s time for sunny skies, beach vacations, and tropical poolside cocktails and we couldn't be more ready. But with all of the summer fun you have planned, it’s important to know that the climate and common summer activities can pose a unique set of concerns for your hair and scalp. Here are a few things to look out for this summer:


Water Fatigue & Hair Damage

If you’ve been with AQUIS for a while, you may already be well-informed about water fatigue (technically known as hygral fatigue) and the issues it causes for your hair. But here’s the breakdown for our newest friends.

Hygral fatigue is a term for the set of bad-hair-day effects that occur when your hair is exposed to too much water. When hair gets wet, the outer protective cuticle layer opens, allowing water to flood the inner cortex of the hair (the part of your hair that gives it its structure and color). The water causes the hair to swell and stretch, making it extra prone to damage and breakage. Open cuticles also lead to frizz and tangles as well as a dull, lifeless look.

So, if your summer plans have you swimming in oceans, lakes, or swimming pools, your hair is at a greater risk of damage. If you know your hair is going to get wet, we recommend taking AQUIS Water Defense PreWash with you on the go this summer. PreWash protects your hair by smoothing out your cuticles, reducing hair swelling by 46%. Spray it on dry hair at least 2 minutes before swimming to help maintain your hair’s strength when wet.

Hotter Temperatures & Oil Production

Though we will never complain about the weather getting warmer, hotter temperatures can increase sweating and sebum production, which makes scalps and hair oilier. You might feel inclined to wash your hair more as a result, but this can actually lead to even more oil production. Shampoos cleanse hair of dirt and oil, but the removal of oils from the scalp can send a signal to your sebaceous glands (oil producing glands within the hair follicle) to produce more oil.

Try to keep washing to a minimum and make sure to use a mild, pH balanced shampoo (like our AQUIS Rebalancing Hair Wash) that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural moisture. We also recommend focusing your shampoo at the roots rather than the entire hair strand. This will help keep the mid-lengths and ends of your hair from getting overly dry.

Humidity & Frizz

Another summer bummer in some climates is increased humidity, which can take hair from sleek and smooth to majorly frizzy in just a few minutes of being outside. Humidity has a similar effect on hair to that of water (humid air has a higher number of water molecules than dry air). Just like water, medium to high humidity opens the hair’s cuticle layer. The bonds within the hair strand start absorbing the moisture which causes major frizz and flyaways, as well as making straight hair wavy and curly hair curlier.

To protect hair when it is humid out, try using AQUIS Restorative Leave-In Conditioner before going outside. Since it helps set hair to its natural pH, it will keep the cuticle closed to prevent the hair from becoming puffy and frizzy.

Sun Exposure, Color Fade & Scalp Protection

As good as the warm sun feels on your skin, it can also have negative effects on your hair. Prolonged exposure can damage the protective cuticle layer leaving your hair exposed and damage prone. Open cuticles give way to oxidation from the sun rays, which can cause color fading, and the sun can also dry out your hair and scalp leading to more oil production.

In summary, too much sun is just as damaging for your hair as your skin. Try to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp, or use SPF on your part, especially if you have thinner hair.

Heat Styling & Dullness

Lastly – for reasons similar to preventing too much sun exposure, it’s important to reduce or skip heat styling as much as possible in the summer. Take advantage of summer hair trends (think un-done, beachy waves) by using an AQUIS turban or towel to dry your hair quickly and with less damage to the cuticle, resulting in less frizz and more shine.

To complete your look before you head out on your next summer adventure, use a lightweight leave-in conditioner (like our AQUIS Restorative Leave-In Conditioner) to enhance your curls and waves, and to help you perfect that beachy look without weighing your hair down. You just might find that you love the natural texture of your hair, and are ready to say goodbye to your blow dryer and heat styling tools all summer long.