Hair Truth # 2
Aquis Staff
Hair Truth # 2
Hair Truth # 2
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It's true.
Hair dryers were first and foremost meant to style your hair, after it has been mostly dried. When hair is wet, the cuticles on each strand expand, opening up the hair to breakage. When these cuticles are exposed to direct heat (i.e.., your hair dryer) it creates fissures in the hair strand and extracts the natural moisture contained within the hair. 
Additionally, hair dryers don't dry evenly, which leads to wet hair patches that are are still susceptible to damage. These patches put your strands at risk of “bubble damage”. Bubble damage happens when moisture within the cortex is overheated, turning the liquid into steam. This happens often when using styling tools after drying. As the steam expands, it creates tiny bubbles in the cortex. The end result? Brittle, dry strands, and eventually hair loss.
So what do we do about it? Hair Truth #3 will dive into the science behind AQUIS, and why wicking away moisture is so important in the first few moment.