Easy Tips for Healthy Wash n' Go Hair
Easy Tips for Healthy Wash n' Go Hair
Easy Tips for Healthy Wash n' Go Hair
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Wash and go. Three simple words. We want the process to be easy, the results to be beautiful, the overall effect, effortless.


We want ease.


We also want healthy hair. Have you ever noticed that the healthier your hair is, the less work it takes to “get it” to look good, the less work it takes, period? Yeah, we want that too.


Sound good? Here’s how to get it.  



Usually it’s best to wash your hair no more than 2-3 times per week. The less you wash your hair the more able you are to prevent water fatigue and drying/styling damage. Plus, excessive washing strips moisture from the hair which can cause it to become dry and brittle, or even worse, start producing too much oil in response to the stripping. And we’ve all had those greasy hair days where we pull back our hair or smash a hat on our heads and carry on, but don’t feel great about what’s on our head. Of course, how often you wash varies, depending on hair type and lifestyle. Many curly-haired girls find it’s best to wash their hair no more than once a week. Shampoo can be extra drying to coarse or curly hair, plus residue build-up weighs down curls. So take it easy. Let your hair go several days before washing again. It may take a while to adjust to this new routine but trust us when we say your hair will be happier, and healthier with fewer washes.





We talk to MANY people who put off wash day because they JUST. CAN’T. DEAL. with the process that is hair-drying. And it is a process for some, the cotton towel drying that never really dries your hair but leaves you with a halo of frizz and wet spots on your tee shirt, the 20 minute blow drying sessions that still don’t dry your hair but your arms are aching so you call it quits, the throw your hair up in a bun so you don’t have to dry it technique and 4 hours later it’s still damp and freaked out from being tied up while wet. We have all been there. To help prevent water fatigue and the damage it does to your hair (see our previous post about water fatigue here), it is imperative to remove water from the hair as soon as possible after showering. So how should you dry your hair after showering? With an Aquis towel, which is proven to be gentle on hair cuticles, reducing frizz, breakage, and split ends, while enhancing shine and hair health. Aquis hair towels and turbans wick water away from the hair at the point of contact, and into the channels of the fabric. Leave your hair towel or turban on for 15-20 minutes to bring your hair to a damp state quickly and gently, no rubbing, no friction, no frizz.





Condition after each wash to replenish moisture lost during cleansing. We suggest skipping the traditional, in-shower conditioner, it seals the cuticle and traps water in the hair resulting in water damage. Try a post-shower, leave-in conditioner applied to damp hair before any styling products. Leave-in conditioners are lightweight and less dense than in-shower conditioners. Not only can leave-ins be used as a daily moisturizer for your hair but they also help detangle strands post-shower. Your hair will dry softer, more healthy-looking, and with less frizz. Yes, pleazzzze.




There you have it, wash n' go in three simples steps. And to pare the process down even more, consider the following:



Less is more. Heavy oil or silicone-based products coat the hair which weighs it down.  They also don’t wash easily out of hair, so over time, the build-up can make hair hard to manage and cause bad hair days. And nobody wants a bad hair day. Heavier styling products seal down the cuticle which can trap water in the hair leading to water damage, they can also clog hair follicles which can slow hair growth or even cause hair fall.


If styling products are needed to help reduce frizz, add a soft hold to the hair, or to enhance waves or curls, use the products on hair that is partially or completely dry. This way less water gets trapped inside the hair. Using Aquis hair towels or turbans brings hair to the ideal damp state for applying product.


*Pro tip from some of our curly girls on social media: After applying styling product, take your Aquis towel and use it to “scrunch” your curls. Because this technique is gentler on the cuticle it produces more polished curls. The same technique works for hair with a little wave, that little extra scrunch with your Aquis towel helps “set” a gentle wave into your hair, giving a carefree, beachy texture.


In between washes use a lightweight leave-in conditioner or spray to refresh and reset hair.





Ever notice how hair looks and feels when left to drip dry after a swim? It can have a straw-like texture, and a halo of frizz. Studies have shown that air drying your hair is even worse than blow-drying because water stays in the hair longer. Aquis towels are able to remove excess water quickly and gently, bringing hair to a healthier, stronger state so you can leave nature to take care of the rest. If desired a quick blast of the blow-dryer, held at least 10 inches away from the hair, can help bring hair to a dry state, and as a styling aid. Keep the process short and simple.


There you have it. Hair simplified, healthy and happy. No need to spend time curling, blow drying or dousing your hair in product. Leave perfection and fussiness to the magazine editorials and film sets. Wash and go and do and be.


By: Karis Staley (Product Development and Innovation Manager) and Chiara Calanchini (Community Manager)

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