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August 06, 2020 6 min read

We challenged three digital content pros to accept the AQUIS Detox Challenge and forego all other haircare products for three weeks. Using only the 4 step AQUIS Prime Routineplus our Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Washthey're allowing their hair and scalp to recover from all of the things we subject it to on a daily basis... product build up, sweaty yoga classes, hair treatments, you name it... we've done them all.  


A week and a half in to the Detox Challenge we're checking in with  our team of Detoxers to get the details on the healthy change happening to their hair. Here's a little refresher...


  • Protect hair from washing before getting in the shower. Prior to washing hair, apply Water Defense PreWash to dry hair to protect from water damage, mineral deposit build-up, and cuticle damage during shampooing. Low level, lightweight silicones, proven to not cause build up, protect the hair without weighing it down. Formulated with coconut oil to help make hair hydrophobic.
  • Wash hair at the END of each shower, keeping it up and dry until you are ready to wash your hair. Waiting until the end of your shower to wet hair will help prevent water damage.
  • Shampoos can be harsh, stripping the scalp of its natural oils, prompting it to produce oil more rapidly which makes hair get “greasy” faster and thus makes us have to cleanse even more… vicious cycle. Rebalancing Hair Wash cleanses effectively without stripping, to balance natural oil production in the scalp – you don’t have to wash as often and our gentle wash helps reset hairs’ pH.
  • NO conditioner. In-shower conditioners trap water inside the hair which makes it more prone to damage due to the swelling of the cortex and pressure on the cuticle – open cuticles cause tangling and frizz but also expose the hair to more damage. Damaged hair can feel dryer so we increase conditioner or switch to a heavy conditioning mask which just makes the problem worse… vicious cycle.
  • After washing, gently press excess water from hair and wrap hair up with the AQUIS Prime Rapid Dry Hair Turban or Towel. Cut hair drying time by 50% without friction or heat damage, resulting in smoother, shinier, healthier hair.
  • Apply Restorative Leave-In Serum to damp hair and distribute evenly, using a wide tooth comb or your fingers. Composed of lightweight conditioning agents (no silicones), squalane and lightweight oil (very low level) to seal in moisture, reduce frizz, and even protect from pollution, keeping dirt and toxins from building up on the hair. Maintains ideal moisture balance making hair soft and silky, while promoting natural bounce, life, and movement since there is nothing weighing it down.
  • Once a week, replace Rebalancing Hair Wash with the Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash formulated with charcoal and witch hazel to help unclog follicles and draw out impurities so that the hair follicle is in optimal condition for healthy hair growth. Unclogged and healthy hair follicles reduce the potential of hair falling out.
  • Enjoy your best hair day! 




Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine, my hair felt: a little dry 

Now, my hair feels: moisturized and voluminous!

Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine my hair looked: dull 

Now, my hair looks: shiny and bouncy as ever!

What do you want your hair to say about you: I want my hair to show my confidence. Every kink and curl represents everything I love about myself.

Share one stand out hair story, positive or negative: I’m a print model so my hair is constantly being manipulated. I had a huge shoot with a well-known brand and the hair stylist on set didn’t specialize in black/African American hair so my hair didn’t come out so pretty. I still tried to deliver while not feeling as comfortable or confident. Moments like this justify the fact that we(models) need stylists that represent us and our hair.                                                                                      

Who do you have hair envy about? TRACEE ELLIS ROSS! Like c’mon!

What has been a standout moment in your experience with AQUIS? The turban! It doesn’t dry out my curls and it eliminates fizz! I used to use an old t-shirt or towel which is TERRIBLE for my hair. I’m so happy that I made the transition.

What has been the most surprising part of AQUIS? I’ll be honest, I didn’t think my hair would adjust to the products but I’m glad it proved me wrong. I use a lot of gel which creates a lot of buildup and the Prime Detoxifying Hair & Scalp wash washed out all of the grimy build up from products. My hair was so soft and fluffy after my wash - I was very impressed.




Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine, my hair felt: very coarse and not so soft.. Also it was very weak and breaking really easily.

Now, my hair feels: Much softer to the touch, and with an amazing shine. The root feels less oily and it doesn't flake like it used to.

Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine, my hair looked: Dull and with no shine! The hair looked very damaged too.

Now, my hair looks: It's much shinier and healthier-looking. 

What do you want your hair to say about you? That I'm a confident woman that finds time for some hair self-care even with a tight schedule.

Share one stand-out hair story, positive or negative. My relationship with my hair was always a complicated one. I've always had curly hair but always had difficulty taking care of it or even owning them with confidence. So, I was always finding ways to straighten it. I did so many procedures throughout my life on my hair to change its form, that now, being 30 years old and confident enough to own my curls and wise enough to know how to take care of them, my hair won't be curly anymore.

Who do you have hair envy about? Jennifer Aniston! 

What has been a standout moment in your experience with AQUIS? The first time I adopted the new hair routine (leaving the hair for last in my showers and skipping conditioner). The first time I did that, my hair changed drastically right from the beginning.

What has been the most surprising part of AQUIS so far?To see that the Hair Turban dries my hair REALLY fast! 



Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine, my hair felt: dry & brittle

Now, my hair feels: soft and fluffy

Before beginning the AQUIS prime routine, my hair looked: dry, and damaged

Now, my hair looks: defined

What do you want your hair to say about you? That I care for and love myself.

Share one stand-out hair story, positive or negative: I used to get made fun of in school for having “wild hair”. I would come home crying to mom about how I wanted a relaxer. My mom would always remind me that my big hair was beautiful, and that the world needed to change its mind, but I did not need to change my hair.

Who do you have hair envy about? Tracee Ellis Ross.

 What has been a standout moment in your experience with AQUIS? How simple wash day can be. It used to take me hours to do my hair, and that time has been cut in half.

What has been the most surprising part of AQUIS so far? How hydrated my hair is. NOTHING has been working, so I’m very shocked that AQUIS has.



Using only the AQUIS Prime Routine, plus our Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash, follow the AQUIS rules to achieve your healthiest, strongest hair before the end of the season.

    Go back to the beginning, revisit the Detox Challenge Kick Off and get inspired to start your own Hair Detox! 


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