A letter from our founder to her mom
A letter from our founder to her mom
A letter from our founder to her mom
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Dear mom,

You taught me strong is a state of mind.

 You showed me how to live a full life and be fearless.

You gave me the freedom and tools to push my own boundaries.

You nurtured my sense of adventure and encouraged me to always learn.

You’ve always been my inspiration and I’ve always been proud you are my mom!  I am grateful that you always do what is the best for us kids and others no matter what the sacrifice to yourself. 

Regardless the circumstances, you keep a positive outlook and push for the best possible outcome.   I am always in awe of your unwavering energy to engage with the world, to try new things, challenge yourself and the zest with which you live your life.  As much as I encourage you to put boundaries around the people that draw from your beautiful energy, I deeply admire the compassion you have for others and how much you give to help them.

You are the oldest soul I know yet the youngest at heart.Your spirit for life is admirable and I am so happy to share mine with you.

Thank you mom, today and always.  You truly are the best!