A Letter from Our Founder
A Letter from Our Founder
A Letter from Our Founder
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I’m Britta Cox, and I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you. Thank you for being with us, believing in us, and entrusting us with your hair. Thank you so much for a great year.

I also wanted to share something. I founded Aquis because I had a problem and a spark of curiosity. Growing up on a ranch meant I was used to using my hands and doing things on my own.

I wanted to spend less time doing my hair and more time doing the things I loved. The haircare routine was holding me back. I was inspired by moisture-wicking sportswear, and I had a problem to solve.

Thanks to that curiosity I pioneered the Aquis hair towel. My belief is, you have better things to do than your hair. 

Through all of this, I learned about hair and how it works, and about myself. I learned I could push myself to go the extra mile and then another. I learned I could really do anything – I mean anything – if I set my mind to it. I learned we all have things holding us back, but we all are capable of whatever it is we want to do if we never stop learning. 

I believe there is a better way to care for your hair. Combining science and technology, we are innovating products that protect the natural integrity of your hair and strengthen it from the inside out, core to cuticle. In short: There are exciting things in our future, and I know there are in yours too.

I’m writing this note to thank you, but also to tell you that whatever it is you want to do or be this year, you can do it. If you haven’t made your resolutions yet, I have one for you:

Pioneer you.