3 Ways to Conserve Water and Protect Your Hair by Showering with AQUIS
3 Ways to Conserve Water and Protect Your Hair by Showering with AQUIS
3 Ways to Conserve Water and Protect Your Hair by Showering with AQUIS
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At AQUIS, we believe that the health of your hair is directly tied to how you wash and dry it.

When your hair is wet, it’s twice as likely to break, tangle and fray. By using less water in the shower, and minimizing your hair’s exposure to water, you can protect your hair from damage and help preserve its strength, integrity and color.

But there’s an additional benefit to using less water when you wash your hair: water conservation. Did you know that the average American shower uses 17.1 gallons of water and lasts for 8.2 minutes? After washing machines and toilets, showers use the third highest amount of water in any household.

Conserving water has widespread impact on our environment - by using less water you not only save money on water bills but also help reduce the energy required to process and deliver it to homes and businesses, minimize the effects of droughts and water shortages, and more. By simply identifying small ways to reduce water consumption in your daily routine, you help protect one of Earth’s most precious resources.

So how can you shower in a way that’s both good for your hair and good for our planet? Here are three tips to conserving water on your next hair wash day:

  1. Replace your shower head: All showerheads aren’t created equal - choosing a showerhead that has a lower flow rate is one of the best ways to ensure reduced water consumption with every shower. Plus, by exposing your hair to less water per minute, you minimize the overall amount of water your hair absorbs, which then reduces the hair swelling that causes breakages and tangles.
  2. Try switching to a leave-in conditioner: Traditional conditioners trap moisture in your hair perpetuating water damage and weighing your hair down. By using the AQUIS Restorative Leave-In Conditioner once your hair has been brought to a damp state, you not only protect your hair from damage but removing an entire step from your shower routine reduces overall water consumption as well.
  3. Wash your hair less often: This one may seem like a given, but washing your hair less helps preserve the natural oils in your hair and keeps it moisturized. To help your hair feel refreshed without rewashing it, a few spritzes of our Leave-In Conditioner will restore the pH balance of your hair, closing your cuticles and resulting in hair that stays smooth and frizz-free between washes.

Conserving water while protecting the health of your hair is a win-win. These small, simple ways to treat our hair and our environment better, ultimately make a world of difference.