3 Types and Hair Damage and What Exactly They Mean

Diminishing Hair Damage with AQUIS Prime

When it comes to our hair, we often have the best intentions--gentle products, deep conditioning, routine haircuts—and yet most of the time good hair days are the exception rather than the norm.

But what exactly is hair damage?

Hair damage occurs when parts of the hair structure are altered, which weakens hair and sets off a domino effect of noticeable results that look and feel like unhealthy hair.  Damage to hair’s structure can be done through improper washing and drying, grooming, styling, and chemical/coloring services.

There are three types of hair damage:

dull and unruly hair

1. Dull and Unruly Hair

The Look: Frizzy, easily tangled, lacking shine, unmanageable

The Cause: Damaged hair cuticles. When cuticles (the outer surface of the hair shaft) are damaged, they open up and hair looks dull and frizzy, feels brittle and rough, and tangles easily.

The Culprit: Heat, UV rays, friction, high pH products

Fried and fragile hair

2. Fragile Hair

The Look: Split ends, easily breaks

The Cause: Cuticle and cortex damage. Cortex (responsible for hair strength, color, and pattern) damage weakens hair strands and makes them more vulnerable to breaking and splitting. An exposed cortex is also prone to water damage during wetting and washing hair.

The Culprit: Hair color, chemical straighteners or perms, heat tools

thinning hair

3. Thinning Hair

The Look: Patchy or slow hair growth, excessive hair falling out.

The Cause:  Damaged hair follicles. The hair follicle is the living part of your hair, it attaches to the scalp and is responsible for helping our hair grow.

The Culprit: Product build up, excessive brushing and combing, extensions, chemical treatments

It’s easy to see how quickly hair can get damaged if it’s not treated with care. That’s why, when creating AQUIS Prime, the first-ever, haircare system that rethinks how we wash and dry our hair, we wanted to focus on protection at every stage.

The Water Defense Pre-Wash, strengthens strands from core-to-cuticle, prepping hair for washing by closing the cuticle to prevent waterlogging. This reduces the risk of dull, and unruly hair by fortifying hair before the washing, drying, and styling process begins.
Our Rebalancing Hair Wash then gently cleanses your hair to remove dirt and oil while resetting the hair's pH. This reduces the risk of fragile hair, by shielding hair from everyday stressors (humidity, heat tools, chemical treatments).
The Rapid Hair Dry Turban, dries hair 50% faster than regular towels with no friction or heat. This prevents stands from getting caught and breaking, reducing the risk of frizzy and fragile hair.
Last, but never least, the Restorative Leave-in-Conditioner is applied to damp (not wet) hair to prevent water from being trapped in your hair, and to gently detangle. This reduces the risk of thinning hair, by providing hydration without weighing your hair down. 


Now that you know how your hair gets damaged, it’s time to start giving it a little extra attention -- not the kind that requires more time and frustration and styling products, but the kind that heals your hair from the inside out, so it’s prepared to handle anything that comes its way. 

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