Hair Turban

Aquis Turbans

Aquis® Essentials Patented Hair Turban

Aquis® Made with our signature ultra-absorbent in Lisse Crepe fabric, densely woven from ultra-fine microfibers for a soft smooth finish and feather-light feel. The fabric absorbs excess moisture more quickly, gently and thoroughly than ordinary cotton towels, dramatically reducing blow-drying time for healthier shiny hair. Less blow drying means less heat! With proper towel drying – you can reduce bubble hair, frizzy hair, and get rid of those split ends!

Super-absorbent • Lightweight • Quick-Dry-Towel • Self-securing

Lisse Crepe Hair Turban – Self-securing button closure
Our unique patented turban with button loop closure and elastic sewn in seams keeps the turban wrapped snugly around your head, allowing for hands-free hair drying.